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Re: Paraclete

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  • atypist4god
    ... Vine s Expository Dictionary states that Comforter or Consoler corresponds to the name Menahem, given by the Hebrews to the Messiah. Vine s entry for
    Message 1 of 31 , Dec 16, 2001
      Bob MacDonald wrote:
      > Is the image of Paraclete found in the Hebrew
      > scriptures anywhere

      Vine's Expository Dictionary states that 'Comforter' or 'Consoler'
      corresponds to the name 'Menahem,' given by the Hebrews to the
      Vine's entry for parakletos states that parakletos literally
      means "called to one's side." It says: "It was used in a court of
      justice to denote a legal assistant, counsel for the defense, an
      advocate; then, generally, one who pleads another's cause, an
      intercessor, advocate, as in 1Jo 2:1, of the Lord Jesus. In the
      widest sense, it signifies a 'succorer, comforter.' Christ was this
      to His disciples, by the implication of His word 'another
      (allos, 'another of the same sort,' not heteros, 'different')
      Comforter,' when speaking of the Holy Spirit, Jhn 14:16. In Jhn
      14:26; 15:26; 16:7 He calls Him 'the Comforter.'"

      Diane Dew
    • Bill Bullin
      Apparently a shard of pottery from 900BCE bearing the inscription ALWAT and WLT, likely Philistine equivalents of Goliath , have come to light approx. 2
      Message 31 of 31 , Nov 14, 2005
        Apparently a shard of pottery from 900BCE bearing the inscription ALWAT and
        WLT, likely Philistine equivalents of 'Goliath', have come to light approx.
        2 metres underground at Tell es Shafi (the site of Gath) - the biblical
        Goliath's home town, according to Aren Maeir, Archaeological Head at
        Bar-Ilan University, nr, Tel Aviv, according to Reuters. However the finds
        are evaluated and no doubt they will give rise to lively dispute, they lead
        neatly into a potential alternative approach to the concept of Paraclete.

        The concept of coming alongside is inevitably linked to that of legal
        advocacy but a saviour, like the boy David, coming alongside a dejected
        people as a champion and saviour might easily give rise to both hope and
        comfort. Luke~Acts refers to Messianic expectations in terms of Hope, 'the
        hope of Israel' (Luke 24:21; Acts 28:20). That the Hope of Israel (Jeremiah
        14:8) was also the Comforter of Israel (Isaiah 40:41) is evident however it
        is a narrow but risky leap beyond the evidence as far as I am aware, to
        argue that the eschatologically expected 'Hope of Israel' and 'Saviour of
        Israel' was also known in some circles as the 'Comforter of Israel', one who
        nurtures, protects and defends as well as pleads the cause in any legal
        dispute sense. That our Greek Wisdom of Solomon describes Wisdom coming
        alongside humans, rather like the Angelic divine Presence (Wisdom 10) in all
        sorts of situations, not simply judicial trials of faith, may help explain a
        blurring of the role / concepts of Advocate, Saviour and Comforter amongst
        Greek speaking believers. (Admittedly I am more inclined to historical
        investigative problem solving rather than to positivistic approaches to the
        enigmatic Fourth Gospel).

        Bill Bullin (Private Student, East Sussex).
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