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  • charles scott
    ... remembered every word he said ============================================ I agree with most of what you said in your post, but think you made an
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2001
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      > Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2001 11:49:43 +1100
      > From: RHS <diadem@...>
      > Subject: Readers etc
      > Just a couple of ideas to add. I seem to remember
      > that Paul went on for some time at Troas, prolonging
      > his talk until midnight. I am sure all those there
      remembered every word he said

      I agree with most of what you said in your post, but
      think you made an unfortunate choice of examples.

      Acts 20:7b and fwd.
      "Paul discoursed with them. . .and prolonged his
      speech until midnight. And there there were many
      lights in the upper chamberr where we were gathered
      together. And there sat in the window a certain young
      man named Eutychus, borne down with deep sleep; and as
      Paul discoursed yet longer. . . he fell down from the
      third story, and was taken up dead."

      It seems the lengthy rhetoric in some cases brought on
      forgetfulness which may be why we invented easier and
      surer ways of taking notes.

      In the early centuries of the church, a priest would
      be expected to memorize the 150 Psalms and the New

      Today, I have the English Church liturgy committed to
      memory, as has most of the regulars in the
      congregation I serve. I know people who have large
      parts of the Bible committed to memory. One man I know
      can recite the entire New Testament as well as much of
      the Old. We remember what we use regularly. At one
      time in a church I served, there was a group of young
      people who memorized and acted out plays every three
      months. As director, I found myself memorizing the
      entire play, as did many of the students.

      From my observation, I believe that a tradition can be
      passed on intact if it is used, that is repreated,
      often enough to become memorized. For poor Eutychus,
      I think the only memorable part of the event might be
      the fall and its aftermath. If he ever came to know
      anything of Paul's teaching, it would have been
      because the elders at Troas repreated it often in the
      days after his visit.

      Charles Scott
      Church of the Good Shepherd
      Indianapolis, Indiana

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