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Re:[John_Lit] Gerald Prince: The "Narratee" and John's Gospe

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  • gds@dor.kaiser.org
    Jeffery: I have worked with Prince s theory (and a few other s contributions to the concept of the narratee such as Mary Piwowarczyk, Phylis Rideout, Peter
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      I have worked with Prince's theory (and a few other's contributions to the
      concept of the narratee such as Mary Piwowarczyk, Phylis Rideout, Peter
      Rabinowitz and Seymour Chatman, etc. It is possible that perhaps, Prince has
      overly refined the concept as Jeff has stated. Still, I found it very useful
      for analyzing the narrative dynamics in Ecclesiastes. If you are interested in
      seeing how a treatment of narrator-narratee relationships is enhanced by
      utilizing Prince's methods, see my book; Vain Rhetoric: Private Debate and
      Public Knowledge in the Book of Ecclesiastes, JSOT Supplemental Series 327,
      Sheffield Academic Press, 2001, pp. 68-75 and pp. 313ff where I show how this
      theory works out in a strategic passage located in a very narratee-oriented
      monologue. I'm obviously on the list for interest's sake, but I do think, if
      you are interested in how the theory can be used in a reader oriented approach,
      my work which is now available in most good libraries should be of some
      usefulness for you. If you check my bibliography, you will note quite a bit of
      NT scholarship that is referenced for my methods part, so, although this is a
      First Testament work, I was influenced by both OT and NT reader scholars,
      especially, Robert Fowler's work on Mark. (I'm an equal opportunity employer in
      that regards relating to methods when appropriate!)

      Gary D. Salyer

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      Subject: [John_Lit] Gerald Prince: The "Narratee" and John's Gospel
      Author: <johannine_literature@yahoogroups.com >
      Date: 11/25/01 4:15 AM

      Is anyone familiar with the work on narrative theory
      by the French literary critic Gerald Prince?

      Gerald Prince, "Introduction to the Study of the
      Narratee", in Jane P. Thomkins, ed., "Reader-Response
      Criticism: From Formalism to Post-Structuralism"
      (Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 1980).

      The Original appeared in "Poetique" No. 14, (1973),

      I haven't read either of these but have read a summary
      of Prince's work. He distinguishes four 'readers': 1)
      the ideal reader (the perfectly insightful reader), 2)
      the virtual reader (the reader in the author's mind),
      3) the actual reader (the reader who happens to be
      reading the text), and 4) the narratee (the reader
      addressed by the narrator).

      I find this an interesting and potentially insightful
      way of distinguishing among 'readers'. Have Prince's
      views on the "narratee" et al. been applied to John's
      Gospel? Don't we have a narratee in John's Gospel,
      i.e. in the words "written that you might continue to
      believe," etc.?

      (All of us hermeneuts, of course, are actual readers
      striving to be ideal readers.)

      Jeffery Hodges

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