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[John_Lit] Mighty Works in NT

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  • Thatcher, Tom
    Brian, A very intriguing hypothesis, in my view. You mention:
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      A very intriguing hypothesis, in my view. You mention:

      <<Question: I am looking for discussion concerning Semeia source (SQ). Is
      it the most viable explanation for the background of the Johannine
      narrative of J's mighty works? (See Faure 1922, 99-121 or Bultmann

      While I would not necessarily personally endorse this view, this is indeed
      the view of Fortna and others who adopt the SG theory. In Fortna's
      reconstruction, which is generally accepted by the JSeminar and others, the
      works of Jesus in the early stages of the SG (even the pre-SG Signs Source)
      were aimed at a Jewish audience with a view to using works of power to
      demonstrate his fulfillment of Jewish messianic expectations. Of course,
      this raises the broader issue of whether works of power were part of such an
      expectation. But Fortna and others would consider that Jesus' works would
      convince Jews of his messiahship, of course with a view to a much lower and
      more general Christology than that espoused in the current version of FG.
      From this perspective, the speeches reflect the later beliefs of the
      community, and it is in the speeches that we see the works of Jesus becoming
      something more than general signs of messianism.

      But you have asked whether we believe this is "the most viable explanation"
      for the source of these accounts. Personally, I lean much more toward an
      oral Johannine tradition which was not put into writing until quite late,
      and which was in some ways intertwined with other strains of tradition. I
      also believe that this tradition claimed to have a Palestinian origin. This
      being the case, perhaps the Johannine references to Bethsaida reflect the
      same type of local coloring about that area that you mention. In other
      words, it may be that the Johannine stories are patterned after a general
      local coloring about that region which became an oral motif for Johannine

      --tom thatcher

      "The Truth Will Set You Free"
      tom thatcher
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