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Jesus's response to his mother...

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    Group, This is my suggestion regarding Jesus mother telling him that they have run out of wine will certainly not go over well, but here in what I think is
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 16, 2001
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      This is my suggestion regarding Jesus' mother telling him that they have run
      out of wine will certainly not go over well, but here in what I think is
      going on...

      I am convinced that the first part of the gospel of John is filled not only
      with a lot of irony, but also a lot of humor. In chapter one, Jesus
      expresses amazement (or amusement) at Nathaniel's quick change from "What
      good thing come out of Nazareth?" to "Rabbi, you are the Son of God! You are
      the King of Israel!"

      I have found few other commentaries that see humor in the first portion of
      the gospel, but another example is the humor and irony in the contrast
      between how Jesus relates to Nicodemus, an elderly, learned scholar and the
      woman at the well, a pagan, supposedly uninterested in things spiritual...

      I think that Jesus response to his mother is another example of humor and

      Jesus and his friends have been invited to a party. I'm sure they are busy
      yakking it up, enjoying themselves, when Mary interrupts Jesus and tells him
      they have run out of wine.

      I think Jesus response is something along the lines of mine a few years ago
      to a similar "request" of my mother...

      I was 30 once... a long time ago. I am at my parent's place, and my Mom
      comes up to me and says, "Charles, the garbage can in full." Now get this.
      I am home for the holidays at the gracious invitation of my parents. I am
      there as a special guest and yet I do have responsibilities to my family ...
      and my mother comes up to me and tells me that the garbage can is full... So
      what is my response? "So, um... What does that have to do with me?"
      translation... "Mom I would be happy to do what you want me to do. Please

      I think that Jesus' response is along the same lines.

      I'm sure that Mary is well aware of how obnoxious sons can be and her
      response to Jesus is to roll her eyes heavenward, and to turn to the servants
      and say, "Just do whatever he tells you to do."

      I think that Jesus is giving his Mom a hard time (as son's are want to do)...

      I think is more profitable to stay in the Fourth Gospel than to try to make
      too many comparison's with other gospels in order to understand this passage.
      I am well aware that MANY OTHERS are well aware that Jesus refers to his
      mother as "Woman" at the cross and that in the Fourth Gospel he also
      addresses other women in a similar manner. The reference to "my hour" is
      repeated MANY times throughout the gospel. These two things alone give a
      strong reason to interpret this passage in the light of the rest of the

      Charles Starkey
      MDIV Fuller Theological Seminary
      High School Math Teacher

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