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Course on the Documents of Vatican II

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  • Yahweh1674@aol.com
    My sanity has been seriously questioned on a number of occasions in the past. I think I have just been nudged by the Spirit to do something else that may send
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2001
      My sanity has been seriously questioned on a number of occasions in the
      past. I think I have just been nudged by the Spirit to do something
      that may send some of you scurrying to the phone to recommend a good
      psychoanalyst. (Don't hurry; I already know one.)

      I am about to offer an ON-LINE class on the Documents of Vatican II.

      [I would love to do this for college/university credit. Are there any
      colleges or universities out there that would be willing to take me on
      as an adjunct so I could do this for optional credit for interested

      Regardless, I still plan on doing it. And you are welcome to sign up
      just because you are interested.

      As many of you know, last spring I taught a course on the Documents of
      Vatican II in "real life." I plan to take my notes and my study
      questions into "cyber-life" and run this as an organized on-line class.

      We will cover ALL 16 documents. We will use the discussion mode --
      based on the questions presented. We will stick somewhat to a schedule
      -- which means that the discussion may possibly be cut off before
      everyone has said everything there is to say. We will also try to
      include some of the history surrounding the Council and some of the
      impact the Documents have had on the Church.

      -- If you are serious about sharing your thoughts and insights on the
      Vatican Documents, please join us.

      -- If you don't have time for serious sharing but you think you might
      like to read with us and at least look at the questions and explore the
      overview of the Documents (and perhaps add something once in a while),
      please join us.

      -- If you don't think you have anything to add but you would like to
      listen, please join us.

      -- If you are just plain curious because you don't know what the
      Documents are all about anyway, please join us.

      ALL Vatican II Documents are ON-LINE at:


      Even though all Documents can be found at the above site, I recommend
      the book *Vatican Council II*, Austin Flannery, OP, editor, 1996.
      (Available at all your favorite bookstores both on and off line.)

      The Documents are all very readable -- the on-line version as well as
      the Flannery version.

      If you need other documents, such as the Catechism, check:
      (This site is notoriously difficult to read and navigate through -- even
      though it does appear in several languages!)

      Or the Code of Canon Law, check:

      We will start the discussion with Pope John XXIII's Opening Speech to
      the Council on 11 October 1962. (This speech is technically not a
      Vatican II Document and is a bit more difficult to access -- but don't
      let that scare anyone off!)

      It would be great if we could start this class on the 39th anniversary
      of the opening of the council -- 11 October 2001. I don't think we can
      all be at our desks by then though. However, we could be starting some
      preliminary chatter about the reasons for the Council by the 11th. But,
      I don't think we'll be ready for serious discussion that soon.
      Preliminary chatter can start as soon as you sign up!

      In any case, if you are interested in some level of participation or
      some level of lurking on this semi-organized journey through the
      Documents of Vatican II, you are cordially invited to sign up.

      And SPREAD THE WORD. Please tell your parishes, pastors, bishops, and
      other assorted interested persons. Advertise it in your parish
      bulletins if you would like. This class will be for real. And it will
      be moderately scholarly. (Don't let that scare off your bishops!)
      Participants need not be Catholic. The only real requirement is a
      desire to understand more completely the Documents of Vatican II.

      I am advertising this on Ingrid's lists with her full permission and
      endorsement. I am advertising this on my own lists with my own
      permission. On the other lists that this may be appearing on, well, I
      am going on the theory that it is easier to ask forgiveness than to ask

      And, unless some other list owner strongly objects, I will post this
      advertisement a few more times over the next couple of weeks.

      Oh -- where to sign up?????

      The new list is a yahoogroups list -- VaticanII-Doc


      The new list is listed in the yahoo directory. However, I have listed
      it as "Restricted Membership." If I recognize your name or email
      address right away, I'll let you on automatically. If not, I'll be
      sending you a brief questionnaire asking for your name and your
      interests in the Documents of Vatican II.

      Jn 13:35 -- Roberta Meehan
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