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Re: [John_Lit] Loisy's theories

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  • Maluflen@aol.com
    In a message dated 9/28/2001 3:22:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time, yuku@trends.ca writes:
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      << But also, let us not lose track of one important consideration. All those
      "Modernist sins" of his that caused Loisy to be excommunicated in 1908 are
      now the mainstream of biblical exegesis, including Catholic biblical
      exegesis. Because, in effect, Vatican II was a resounding vindication of
      "Modernism" and of Loisy. >>

      This is not quite accurate. What was vindicated by Vatican II were particular
      theories and perspectives shared by modernists and their very sane, but
      loyally Catholic contemporary critics, such as Lagrange. It is true, and
      unfortunate, that some of these views got people like Lagrange into trouble
      with ecclesiastical bureaucrats in the early 20th century. And the Church was
      slow in coming to their defense. But the Church in general, and Vatican II in
      particular, have never endorsed (and never will endorse) the more extreme
      views of Loisy, which were already the object of sharp criticism by his
      academic colleagues, contemporary scholars such as Lagrange and De Vaux.

      PS In deference to Yuri, I refrain from endorsing the amendment of Loisy's
      name impertinently suggested by my computer spell-check.

      Leonard Maluf
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