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[John_Lit] Re: The Signs Source

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  • Thatcher, Tom
    Dear Willken et. al.,Mark is correct that Fortna s and are the current standard statements
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 19, 1999
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      Dear Willken et. al.,

      Mark is correct that Fortna's <<The Gospel of Signs>> and <<The Fourth
      Gospel and Its Predecessor>> are the current standard statements of the
      Signs Gospel. Fortna's version is the one accepted by the Jesus Seminar,
      who treat it as the source of the Johannine miracle stories. Von Walhde's
      book is also notable but uses, in my view, very questionable criteria for
      separating the source from the present text of FG. Same with the book and
      articles by Sydney Temple in the 70's. The difficulty with Bultmann's
      reconstruction is that his commentary does not include a methodological
      introduction which would outline any of the five or six sources he sees
      behind FG. This is possibly because Bultmann, unlike Fortna, did not
      believe it possible to reconstruct the Signs Source from the present text of

      If anyone is interested in a survey of this stuff with the relevant
      documentation, I am finishing up a monograph which should appear late this
      year which includes a chapter on this topic. Drop me a note and I'll try to
      send the chapter, or some portions thereof. I should also mention that
      Fortna and I are editing a book on the Johannine Jesus tradition (to which
      Mark and several others on this list are contributing), which will include
      several essays directly related to narrative sources. I think it fair to
      say that Fortna still believes firmly in the SG, but is somewhat less
      dogmatic about producing the text of it. He also has several articles in
      the JSem's journal, <<Forum>>, which address the possible historicity of
      various sections of SG, especially the Passion. In general, he is not very
      hopefuly that the SG has much to say about the historical Jesus.


      "The Truth Will Set You Free"
      Tom Thatcher
      (513) 244-8172

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