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  • CStarWrk@aol.com
    I too would recommend using Burge s book to provide an introduction to John.It has sections onThe Literary Characteristics of the Fourth Gospel A
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 14, 1999
      I too would recommend using Burge's book to provide an introduction to John.

      It has sections on

      The Literary Characteristics of the Fourth Gospel
      A Strategy for Exegesis of the Fourth Gospel
      The Text
      The Literary Context
      Building a Bibliography
      The Cultural Context
      Word Studies in John, Word Searches
      , Word Meanings
      Preaching and Exegesis from the Fourth Gospel

      A Bibliography of Commentaries

      This book turned me onto John and them gave me tools to start my own

      If I were teaching it to a church group, small group, or undergraduate class,
      I would provide them with a version of the text without verse or chapter
      divisions and have them read through the entire book in one sitting.

      I would have them write down questions that come to mind as they read. (Wait
      a minute, didn't Jesus just say, "Rise, let us be on our way?" and then talk
      for 3 more chapters!)

      After the students have finished reading it completely, I would have them
      outline the book.

      You might also give them a set of questions such as...
      What references or illusions can they discover to the Hebrew Scripture?
      What are the natural divisions in the book?
      What words seem to have special meaning for the author?
      What themes does the book contain?
      What chapters seem to mirror others?
      What seems to be the author's attitude toward Peter?
      What is Jesus' attitude toward women?
      According the John, who is Jesus?

      I think this would be one of the most exciting books of the NT to teach!

      Charles Starkey
      MDIV, Fuller Theological Seminary
      HS Math Teacher

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