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[John_Lit] Restarting the Discussion: Suggested Topics?

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  • Felix Just, S.J.
    Hello everyone!Welcome to Johannine_Literature, the refocused and now explicitly academic discussion group on the Fourth Gospel and the Letters of John.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 24, 1999
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      Hello everyone!

      Welcome to "Johannine_Literature," the refocused and now explicitly
      academic discussion group on the Fourth Gospel and the Letters of John.

      To help get the discussion going again, let me provide a quick summary
      of what happened in the past few weeks:

      On May 4, after the 5-year-old "JohnLitr" list was mostly dormant for
      several months, Grzegorz P.Turkanik woke us up by asking, "Is anyone
      on-line?" -- and indeed many of us still were. But after a few weeks it
      became evident that some list members wanted the discussion to emphasize
      explicitly religious applications for modern life, while others
      preferred more detailed academic discussions. The consensus of those
      who were actively posting seemed to be that the list should split, and
      thus two new groups were born:

      The group called "Gospel_of_John" (the one with a more
      religious/spiritual focus) is about to start a year-long "On-Line Bible
      Study", in addition to remaining open to any questions about any texts
      from John. If you are interested, please see
      http://clawww.lmu.edu/faculty/fjust/Gospel_John_List.htm for more

      In contrast, this list (called "Johannine_Literature") is now devoted to
      a solidly and hopefully stimulating academic focus. For practical
      matters about subscribing, protocol, archives, etc., please see

      Thus I would now invite people to propose topics, passages, and issues
      that you would like to discuss on this list.

      For starters, let me highlight some of the more substantial topics that
      were begun, but partly interrupted a few weeks ago, in case anyone wants
      to pick up on them again:

      1) Calvin McCain suggested: "The seating arrangement in chapter 13,
      which disciple is on the left and which one is on the right side of
      Jesus?" which elicted many very interesting responses from Neil Booth
      and others.

      2) R. J.Siegel and others proposed: Raymond Brown's theory of the
      "layered production" of John, particularly as set forth in his
      "Community of the Beloved Disciple."

      3) Leadley Francis, Tony Prost, and others briefly discussed John 14:
      "Let not your heart be troubled...", etc.

      4) Kevin Dwyer said, "How about this one: May Mary Magdalene have been a
      principle, if not the principle, author of the Fourth Gospel?"

      5) Kevin Quast started a short but interesting exchange on: Does John
      operate with a sacrificial theory of atonement when he describes the
      work of Christ to bring us eternal life?

      6) Felix Just pointed out the anonymity of the "Mother of Jesus", and
      many others added the anonymity of the "Beloved Disciple" and several
      other important characters in the FG.

      7) Nigel Hanscamp said: "My own work on the FG centres around my thesis
      (in progress), on "pneuma (S/spirit) in the ministry of Jesus in the FG"

      A few other smaller and related ideas were also touched upon by many
      other people (sorry I can't name you all now), but since this list is
      Johannine, let's stop with seven (although one of these days I'll
      present my findings that 7 is an over-rated number, which is much less
      important in the FG than most people assume, while 8 is much more
      significant than normally noted.

      So, where do we go from here? "In the beginning was the Word......"
      Let us resume the discussion!

      P.S. Please continue to invite your colleagues in Johannine Studies to
      join us.
      Felix Just, S.J. -- Asst. Prof. of Theological Studies
      Loyola Marymount University -- 7900 Loyola Blvd.
      Los Angeles, CA 90045-8400 -- (310) 338-5933
      Web-Pages http://clawww.lmu.edu/faculty/fjust

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