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69[John_Lit] Re: birkhat ha-minim

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  • N & RJ Hanscamp
    Jun 1, 1999
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      I'm a little unsure on how far to enter this fray - because this is a highly
      speculative area, indicated by the wide diversity of opinion still prevalent
      about all of this.

      However, it should be noted that an aspect of this discussion recently
      observed is the phenomenon of Palestinian Jewish Christians in the late c1.
      Thus it is highly likely that IF the b ha-m is directed toward Christians,
      it is most likely Jewish Christians. This is vital if we are to avoid the
      mistake of earlier generations in seeing a pure Jewish - Christian division.

      Further the diversity of Judaism in second temple Judaism (the one thing
      most scholars do agree on), may also point to the "heretics" being a subset
      of Judaism. After all, Jews rarely criticised pagans, but were concerned
      for the purity of Israel.

      We would probably be better to see opposition in FG as a (natural)
      outworking of Jesus' message of the renewal of Israel, played out in the
      lives of his followers. After all if Jesus were crucified for political or
      religious reasons, could not some of his followers (during and after his
      earthly ministry) have experienced exclusion?


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