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681Re: [John_Lit] John 13

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  • Horace Jeffery Hodges
    Jul 27, 2000
      About the rich man dressed in purple, Richard Anderson

      > William Barclay stated in his Daily Study Bible
      > series on Luke commenting on
      > this verse wrote: "That is the description of the
      > robes of the High Priests.
      > . . ."

      Why is Barclay's opinion the correct one? Does he give
      an argument?

      To my question "How does this add up to five
      brothers?", Richard Anderson wrote:

      > We know that Annas had a large family. I only
      > included the ones I could
      > specifically identify as family members serving as
      > high priests. It is my
      > opinion that I am expressing.

      I think that you would have to prove that there were
      only five brothers in order to make a stronger

      Concerning the man named Theophilus who served as high
      priest from 37 to 41 C.E., Richard Anderson wrote:

      > Luke addressed his gospel to "most excellent
      > Theophilus"

      That would be about 45 years later--if the accepted
      scholarly dating is correct. Would this be the same
      Theophilus? Why?

      Concerning his views, Richard H. Anderson suggested:

      > see my published articles for add. details at
      > http://www.geocities.com/gospelofluke

      I haven't yet had an opportunity.

      Jeffery Hodges

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