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678Re: [John_Lit] John 13

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  • Horace Jeffery Hodges
    Jul 26, 2000
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      Concerning the Lazarus parable, Richard Anderson

      > the rich man dressed in purple is a description of
      > the high priest

      Why do you say this? Why couldn't this be a King? Or
      perhaps simply a rich man wearing expensive clothing?

      Richard Anderson then added:

      > for I have five brothers is an explicit reference to
      > one of the reigning high priest, who as one of the
      > sons of Annas had at least three brothers who served
      > as High Priests and one famous brother-in-law,
      > Caiaphas. At least one grandson of Annas served as
      > high Priest.

      How does this add up to five brothers?

      Richard Anderson then added:

      > The plot thickens because there was a man named
      > Theophilus who served as high priest from 37 to 41
      > C.E.

      I don't see what the connection is here. Could you
      elaborate on your meaning?

      Jeffery Hodges

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