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6007Re: [John_Lit] the Lamb of God

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  • Keith Yoder
    Aug 3, 2013
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      Thank you for your suggestion that the "lamb of God" announcements of the Baptist in Jn 1:29 and 1:36 are intended to "guide the reader" to atonement passages in Lev 16 and the offering of Isaac in Gen 22, respectively.

      I am a bit confused, however, by your comment that Gen 22:8 is the "first use of  'Look!'  in the Torah (LXX)". Both John 1:29 and 1:36 use the verb/interjection token i)/de (ἴδε), whereas the LXX of Gen 22:7 and 22:13 (as well as verses 1, 11, and 20) uses the interjection token i)dou\ (ἰδοὺ).  

      But whether we consider ide or idou, Gen 22:8 is not the "first" use of either form, as ide is used previously in Gen 13:14, and idou is used 29 times previously from Gen 1:29 through 20:16.

      I'm just questioning that Gen 22:8 is the "first" such usage.

      Keith Yoder

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