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5964Re: [John_Lit] Verbatim agreements between John and the Synoptics

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  • jgibson000@comcast.net
    Aug 9, 2011
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      On 8/9/2011 12:25 PM, Mark Goodacre wrote:
      > Are there any good recent studies on examples of verbatim agreement
      > between John and the Synoptics? I am just reflecting on the role
      > played by verbatim agreement in Thomas / Synoptic parallels and
      > thinking about how they compare / contrast with John / Synoptic
      > parallels. Looking at Streeter's list, one of the most impressive
      > examples is Mark 2.9, Ἔγειρε καὶ ἆρον τὸν κράβαττόν σου καὶ περιπάτει
      > in parallel with John 5.8, Ἔγειρε ἆρον τὸν κράβαττόν σου καὶ
      > περιπάτει. That is a six or seven word verbatim agreement, depending
      > on how one counts, and it includes an unusual word (κράβαττόν). But
      > is that the best there is? I'd be particularly interested to hear of
      > any recent bibliography in this area, if anyone knows of any.
      > Thanks
      > Mark
      I believe there are some agreements in the Feeding scene and in the
      description of Jesus' anointing where pistic nard shows up in the Markan
      and Johannine accounts.

      Does Brown discuss the question? I would be surprised if Percival
      Gardner-Smith (/St. John and the Synoptic Gospels/ [Cambridge: Cambridge
      University Press, 1938]) doesn't do so.


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