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5689Re: [John_Lit] bibliographical references: the historical unreliability on the sayings of Jesus in GJohn

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  • Jeffrey B. Gibson
    Jan 24, 2009
      Elizabeth Danna wrote:
      > On Thu 22/01/09 12:05 PM , "Jeffrey B. Gibson" jgibson000@... sent:
      >> Can someone here point me to one or two books or articles which could be used in a footnote to buttress the claim that it is >usually maintained by NT/Historical Jesus Scholars that the sayings of Jesus in the Gospel of John have less of a claim to >representing what the HJ actually said than those we find in Matthew Mark and Luke?
      > Hi Jeffrey;
      > FWIW I can give you two scholars who argue for the historical reliability of John; if I understand you correctly, you are looking to find who holds the position they refute.
      Thanks, Dana. Actually I'm looking for one or two representative voices
      of the position that the sayings material in John is not to be taken as
      historically reliable, or at least as less so than what we find in the

      In other words, it's just the opposite of what you are saying. And I'm
      looking for voices that speak specifically to the issue of the sayings
      material, NOT the narrative material or the chronological frame of John.


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