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5684Re: [John_Lit] bibliographical references: the historical unreliability on the sayings of Jesus in GJohn

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  • Jeffrey B. Gibson
    Jan 22, 2009
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      bill ace wrote:
      > Dear Jeffrey,
      > There's a book I know called "Challenging Perspectives on the Gospel of John," edited by John Lierman that came out in 2006; it's full of shorter writings like “The Johannine Sayings of Jesus and the Question of
      > Authenticity" by Peter W. Ensor.
      > You can sample it on Google Books!
      Thanks for this. But it looks like the page on which one might find a
      list of all those who have maintained the position I'm seeking
      bibliographical references for are missing from the Google books preview
      of this article!

      Can anyone provide me with a scan of p.15 ?


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