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5603[John_Lit] Re: Did the Jews Crucify Jesus in John 19:18?

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  • mottrogere3
    Jun 27, 2008
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      Hi Terry,

      I agree with Hippolytus that stating judgments and prophecy based on
      the "sum of the digits" of one's Greek name is absurd. Seems it was
      ancient mathematicians childplay like rock/paper/scissors. And they
      kept changing the rules to change the outcome. They also had a rule
      of 7, counting only one of the recurring Greek letters in a name,
      etc. etc.

      However, I am convinced that the NT and OT use "numeric's" to convey
      certain meaning as I stated a few examples from the NT in my previous

      The resident expert who spurred my interest in gematria is Michael
      Grondin. He has also carried it into the Coptic alphabet. He
      recently posted on the Gthomas list that he has created an Excel
      spreadsheet which automatically calculates the gematria value for
      certain words. No, I have not read any books on 1st century gematria
      practices but perhaps when Mike gets back, he will post some

      Roger Mott
      Waterloo, Iowa

      --- In johannine_literature@yahoogroups.com, "Terry Larm"
      <terry.larm@...> wrote:
      > Roger,
      > Thanks for the interesting comment. I just read the section in
      > about the rule of 9. Although Hippolytus is presenting the Greek
      gematria in
      > a negative light (as he is attempting to refute it as a heresy),
      this alone
      > does not mean that the author of the Fourth Gospel had a similar
      > view of gematria. I am curious, however, about what we might know
      about how
      > Greek gematria was viewed by various groups in the first century.
      Do you
      > know of any first century views that I can look into?
      > Thanks,
      > Terry
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