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5602Re: [John_Lit] Re: Did the Jews Crucify Jesus in John 19:18?

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  • Terry Larm
    Jun 25, 2008
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      Thanks for the interesting comment. I just read the section in Hippolytus
      about the rule of 9. Although Hippolytus is presenting the Greek gematria in
      a negative light (as he is attempting to refute it as a heresy), this alone
      does not mean that the author of the Fourth Gospel had a similar negative
      view of gematria. I am curious, however, about what we might know about how
      Greek gematria was viewed by various groups in the first century. Do you
      know of any first century views that I can look into?



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      > >
      > >snip<
      > > 1. Working back from 19:16 to the beginning of the trial before
      > Pilate
      > > in 18:28, the plural pronoun AUTOI appears 9 times:
      > >
      > > * 18:28 ...and they (AUTOI) did not enter the praetorium that
      > they
      > > not be defiled from eating the Passover
      > > * 18:29 then Pilate went out to them (PROS AUTOUS) and said What
      > > charge do you bring...
      > > * 18:31 then Pilate said to them (AUTOIS), You take him and
      > judge
      > > him...
      > > * 18:38 ...and he says to them (AUTOIS) I find no fault in him
      > > * 19:04 ... and he says to them (AUTOIS), look I bring him out
      > to you
      > > so you know that I find no fault in him
      > > * 19:05 ...and he says to them (AUTOIS), look, the man.
      > > * 19:06 ...Pilate says to them (AUTOIS), you take and crucify
      > him...
      > > * 19:15 ...Pilate says to them (AUTOIS), shall I crucify your
      > king...
      > > * 19:16 ...then he delivered him to them (AUTOIS) that he be
      > > crucified; so they took Jesus
      > >
      > Hi Keith,
      > I am a new subscriber to this list and reviewed the archives for
      > possible discussion topics. I was intrigued by your observation that
      > the Greek word "AUTOIS" is used 9 times at the beginning of the trial
      > of Jesus in to the delivery for crucifixion in the Gospel of John.
      > I do not think that the word AUTOIS was deliberately used 9 times to
      > convey a message. The Gospel of John and Revelation has used
      > the "sum of the digits reducing to 9" as a sign of a group separated
      > from God. 153, 666 are all examples that are used to indicate
      > someone or a group that needs to brought back to God IMO. Luke used
      > 99 in a good sense whist he uses the 9 lepers and 18 in a "need to be
      > saved" sense. The Gospel of Thomas uses 99 to represent a group
      > separated from God.
      > I was not so much interested in Greek Gematria till I read Hippolytus
      > description of the system in place in his time. It was called
      > the "rule of 9". Greek proper names were reduced to a number between
      > one and nine.
      > IMO, saying that the leadership of the Jews wanted Jesus crucified
      > was not true for all of the high ranking Jews. Joseph of Arimathaea
      > and Nicodemus are Jews who clearly supported Jesus. Jesus himself
      > was critical of some Pharisees, Sadducees, and scribes. But, the High
      > Priest Caiaphas, even after the crucifixion, still opposed Jesus
      > teachings as he sent Saul, a Pharisee, out to arrest and persecute
      > the early Christians. Gamaliel was a high ranking Jew who apparently
      > did not seem to want to persecute the early Christians.
      > Roger Mott
      > Waterloo, Iowa

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