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5516Re: [John_Lit] 4G Redactors

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  • Fabbri Marco
    Dec 1, 2006
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      Dear Kym:

      your quotation of Acts is appropriate.

      We have a letter, written by somebody, possibly under dication, to reflect
      the agreement of the Council, that is quoted as a document in the book of
      the Acts, that is not written by a council.

      I don't deny that people can work cooperatively. They can do this in various
      ways. But in the antiquity this was done orally. Written texts are written
      by individuals, that can take full advantage of the work of the group.

      Today we have wikis, that allow cooperative writing. In the antiquity
      writing was a very slow process, that lead to a single manuscript. The
      manuscript then had to be copied, and this is slow, too. Modifications could
      be done, but other people woulnd't know about them until the modified text
      was copied and distributed. There was no multiple access to the same text.

      Printed texts were a revolution. Digital text are a revolution. We should be
      careful not to bring our habits back to the time when a book was written and
      copied by hand.

      At least, this is my view. I am open to change my mind, if evidence from
      ancient texts requires that.


      On 12/1/06, Kym Smith <khs@...> wrote:
      > Dear Marco,
      > Just one lttle snippet from your letter.
      > <<<As for the idea of a group of authors that writes the Gospel, I am
      > skeptic. I don't think that a group of people can write a text. We
      > have no news that this happened at the beginning of C.E. >>>
      > It may not be a gospel but the very process you deny must have
      > happened with the letter from the Jerusalem Council (Acts 15:22-29).
      > There is no reason why a group could not have shared thoughts and
      > worked coopreatively on a gospel like happens every day with all
      > manner of books, reports, etc.
      > Kym Smith
      > Adelaide
      > South Australia
      > khs@... <khs%40picknowl.com.au>

      Prof. Marco V. Fabbri
      Dipartimento di Sacra Scrittura
      Pontificia Università della Santa Croce
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