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5239Re: [John_Lit] Paraclete

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  • deborahmillier
    Sep 27, 2005
      Elaine wrote:

      > From the Aramaic standpoint (and that is the language base we
      should be
      > dealing with if we are to consider what Jesus may have been
      saying), ...

      We should at least consider Hebrew in the mix. don't you think,

      > we can consider the word 'Malkuta' (generally translated
      as 'kingdom', but
      > is a feminine word which means 'queen-dom'), Jesus was speaking of
      > 'queendom' 'within' or 'among' an individual or group of

      Pardon me, but why ever would you say that MALKUTA in Aramaic
      means "queen-dom"? On the basis of it's *grammatical* gender? Not a
      sturdy base for making statements such as yours that imply (queen-
      dom) that a "queen" would be at the helm of the "dom." :)

      Shalom from Manila,
      --Michael Millier
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