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5234RE: [John_Lit] Paraclete

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  • Bob MacDonald
    Sep 26, 2005
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      HJH wrote: But does the term "Paraclete" mean "Comforter"?

      The translators of some versions of John use comforter, why?
      Were they deliberately evoking Isaiah? Does coming along
      side of imply a strengthening such as God's comfort might
      imply? Is Nehemiah (the Lord is comfort) an archetype as
      rebuilder of the temple?

      Sometime in the past I have read long dissertations on
      Paraclete without getting any answer on whether there is an
      English let alone a Hebrew word that gives rise to this
      word. That is the import of my question. The role of the
      Paraclete to reprove the world on sin and of righteousness
      and of judgment gives some indication of what the word might
      mean - but where does it come from and with respect to my
      initial question - what relationship does it have to
      repentance for Jew or Gentile.

      I seems to me there might be an early or late idea here,
      with an Author or author stretching for language to express
      and invite a response within and beyond tradition.


      Jeffery, your post has come three times - is this another
      sign? :)


      Bob MacDonald
      Victoria, B.C., Canada

      Catch the foxes for us,
      the little foxes that make havoc of the vineyards,
      for our vineyards are in flower. (Song 2.15)
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