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5079Second Call: 8th Annual E-Lister's gathering at SBL

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  • Jeffrey B. Gibson
    Nov 5, 2004
      With apologies for cross posting!

      This is the second notice of the annual gathering of Biblical and
      Biblical Studies E-Listers at the upcoming annual meeting of the SBL,
      held this year in San Antonio.

      [For those of you who do not know what the Society of Biblical
      Literature is and/or are unfamiliar with the SBL Annual Meeting, go
      first to


      and then to


      The E-Lister's meeting is planned for Saturday, Nov. 20th at 11:30 am
      (note the slight time change from 11 am) in Exhibit Hall C of the Henry
      B. Gonzalez Exhibition Center and (with thanks to the stalwart
      representatives of the Gramcord Institute) at the Gramcord Institute
      Booth (Booth # 452).

      As attendees of previous meetings know, this gathering is a great
      opportunity to place a face to an one hitherto known only as an
      electronic personality and/or to renew acquaintances made at previous

      As I've done in the past 7 years in arranging this meeting, I'd like to
      get an advance head count of those of you who are intending to attend
      this year's SBL.

      I'd also like to know who among the intended attendees is presenting a
      paper during the conference (and at what time and place and within what
      SBL group or section and under what title).

      So this is the first call to write me OFF LIST at jgibson000@...
      with a subject header that says something like SBL Meeting, and let me

      (a) if you will be attending;

      (b) if and when and under what aegis you are presenting a paper,

      (c) your paper title, AND

      (d) what you consider to be your "home" E-List.

      I'll keep everyone updated as the info comes in to me.

      Again, write to me OFF LIST (jgibson000@...)

      Looking forward to seeing you in San Antonio (got it right this time!).


      Jeffrey Gibson


      Jeffrey B. Gibson, D.Phil. (Oxon.)

      1500 W. Pratt Blvd. #1
      Chicago, IL 60626


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