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5017Two burial stories

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  • Joseph Codsi
    Sep 11, 2004
      Leonard Maluf wrote on September 10, 2004:

      <In case you are curious about where Mark got that tradition, he got it
      from the Gospel of Matthew, which pre-existed his own, and where the
      tradition clearly belongs from a literary point of view. The Joseph who
      buried Jesus at the end balances the Joseph who foster-fathered him
      through hard times at the beginning.>

      I do not agree with you that Mark got his information from the Gospel of
      Matthew. But you are entitled to your opinion.

      I find it important, however, when one is engaging in a scholarly
      discussion as is the case with our exchanges, to distinguish between
      facts and poetry.

      The parallelism you see between the two Josephs is quite interesting. I
      might use it next time I give a spiritual talk to a group of pious
      ladies engaged in a novena to Saint Francis. But I would be very
      reluctant to elevate this pious thought to the rank of revealed truth.

      Please think about this.


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