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5004RE: [John_Lit] Two burial stories

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  • Richard H. Anderson
    Sep 8, 2004
      >But then I will ask you to please tell me how
      >the "Jews" are likely to have buried the three corpses. Would they have
      >used a common grave for the three of them, or would they have buried
      >them in separate graves? Would they have dug graves in the earth or used
      >tombs that were hewn out of the rock?

      There is a detailed discussion in
      Jewish ossuaries: reburial and rebirth. Secondary burials in their ancient
      Near Eastern setting. [By] Eric M. Meyers (Rome, Biblical institute press,

      The bodies were placed in tombs hewn out of rock and one year later the
      bones were placed either in an ossuary if the family was wealthy or on a
      shelf with other bones. However we do not know if the these practices
      extended to all burials. We do know there is a relationship between family
      wealth and burial practices.

      Richard H. Anderson
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