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4977Re: [John_Lit] Two burial stories

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  • Tony Costa
    Sep 2, 2004
      Joseph Codsi wrote "But they (the women) had to leave
      soon after [the death of Jesus], because the sun was
      about to set and the Sabbath about to begin.They
      remained without news of what happened in their

      Dear Joseph, I am little surprised at this statement.
      Where does the text say that the women "had to leave
      soon after"? You are assuming that the women left the
      scene before sundown, but such a notion is absent in
      the text itself. John 19:38-42 supplies the
      information of the burial of Jesus by Joseph of
      Arimathea. The burial of Jesus by Joseph of Arimathea
      is considered one of the most historic accounts in
      the Gospels by the majority of NT critics (with the
      odd exception of John Dominic Crossan). It is possible
      that the women were witnesses of the burial of Jesus
      according to GJohn as there is attestation in the
      Synoptics on this point (Matt.27:59-61; Mk 15:46-47
      (part of pre-Markan passion story); Luke 23:55-56)Best

      Tony Costa
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