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3411Johannine Community

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  • Bob MacDonald
    Aug 26 9:59 PM
      Dear John Noble

      I am intrigued by the deliberate tone of your criticism of the Community
      concept. At least two books I have read recently have severely critiqued
      this concept as circular reasoning.

      Four Gospels and the One Gospel of Jesus Christ, Martin Hengel
      The Origins of Mark, The Markan Community in Current Debate, Dwight N.

      While there is a reality to the stimulus of community in writing,
      nonetheless, there is no substitute for the writing itself by a single mind
      based on whatever sources are available and digested.

      Hengel is particularly scathing and assumes a real leadership and

      If there was not a 'Johannine' community - what makes this Gospel unique?
      Someone suggested it was an answer to the gospel of Thomas.



      + + + Victoria, B.C., Canada + + +

      Catch the foxes for us,
      the little foxes that make havoc of the vineyards,
      for our vineyards are in flower. (Song 2.15)
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