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  • Yahweh1674@aol.com
    Jul 12, 2003
      Just wanted to make sure the list is still here and that it is quiet because
      everyone in the northern hemisphere is on summer break (or something).

      As some of you know, I am a biologist by vocation and a theologian by
      avocation. In two weeks I am moving to a new position at a new university. (I know,
      I have been a member of this list for a number of years but I rarely post!)

      May I ask your prayers for a safe move? Beginning August 18 I will be
      teaching in the biology department at Troy State University Montgomery (Alabama). I
      am also hoping that with this new position, I'll have more time to work on
      some of my theological interests. I have several theological and scriptural
      papers in the "half-done" stage.

      Peace -- Heiwa (Roberta M. Meehan, PhD)