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2950RE: [John_Lit] John 19:30

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  • Bob MacDonald
    Dec 9, 2002
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      Thank you, Mary, and all who answered my somewhat confused question

      I came across a thought today that might lend some additional theological
      strength to the giving of the Spirit at the death of Jesus:

      A prayer of Hildebert (1056-1133)
      O holy Ghost, O faithful Paraclete, Love of the Father and the Son, In whom
      begetter and begotten meet

      In that we are begot in Christ by his death, and we meet him there - this is
      a consistent invitation to the foot of the cross, the mercy seat in the
      terms of Hebrews, and the being 'born from above' that Mary suggests is
      inherent also in this image of the handing over of the Spirit.

      I used this prayer at Compline last night but didn't see its relevance to my
      question till mid-day today. a little intertextual interpreting.

      for the full text of the prayer see my unpacking the liturgy page:
      http://bmd.gx.ca/understanding_the_content_of_wor.htm and click on a lesson
      for Compline


      I am intrigued that you did not invoke or reference any of the typology of
      Hebrews in your book - it is such a strong parallel to many (most) of the
      images you did develop.


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      Moloney John Sacra Pagina 509 discusses this and renders it handed over the

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