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276[John_Lit] the center of petitionary prayers in GJohn

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  • Jeffrey B. Gibson
    Oct 30, 1999

      I am presenting a paper at the November SBL on the Lord's Prayer in
      which I am going to argue the following theses:

      For Matthew and Luke the background and horizon of the prayer is not the
      future coming of God as King, let alone any zealous longing for it; nor
      is the prayer's primary concern to voice the desire for a speedy
      realization of the blessings that the elect would experience once God
      finally and decisively manifested himself in all his transcendent power.
      Rather, the prayer is grounded in (and arises from) a perception on the
      Matthean and Lukan Jesus' part that his disciples are in grave danger of
      becoming members of "this generation", that is, those among Jesus'
      co-religionists who reject what Jesus shows is God's will for Israel;
      and the prayer's focus and concern is that the disciples invoke God's
      protection against engaging in this apostasy.

      One of the considerations I will be offering in support of this
      contention is that a concern to secure divine aid to be obedient to
      God's will is the center both of the petitionary prayers which the
      Matthean and Lukan Jesus himself prays as well as of those which he
      elsewhere urges upon the disciples

      So why post this here? I am interested in knowing whether what I detect
      with respect to petitionary prayers in GMatt and GLuke is also the case
      in GJohn.

      I'd be grateful, therefore, if List members would (a) list for me what
      they consider to be petitionary prayers in GJohn engaged in by Jesus or
      urged by him upon the disciples; and (b) tell me what they think the
      center of these prayers actually are.

      Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to give me in this.


      Jeffrey Gibson

      P.S. Anyone who wishes to have an advance look at (a draft of) the paper
      I'll be presenting can do so by going to the XTalk Home page
      (www.xtalk.org) and clicking on the "here" link under the Articles for
      Review subheading on that page.

      Jeffrey B. Gibson
      7423 N. Sheridan Road #2A
      Chicago, Illinois 60626
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