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201[John_Lit] Re: Women in the Fourth Gospel

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  • N & RJ Hanscamp
    Aug 1, 1999
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      I'm a little confused as to what was intended here. It seems to be
      referring to some message I did not get.


      (PS Could ya sign ya name -not initial -please)

      Nigel and Rebecca Hanscamp
      Trinity Methodist Theological College
      Auckland Consortium of Theological Education, New Zealand
      Email: nar.hanscamp@...

      >This guy is important...
      >He tends to lean a little further to the "liberal" side by suggesting that
      >the reader's response is more important than the original author's intent.
      >(I am uncomfortable with assertion).
      >The above statement (thought I believe is true) is misleading.
      >Staley's concern is about how the author is shaping the reader's impression
      >through how the author/editor relates the story (and particularly how the
      >author/editor relates the story through the implied narrator of the story).
      >The other thing is the reality is that the reader's perception of that the
      >passage is about is more important FOR THAT READER that what the author
      >intended 2000+ years before.
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