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1990RE: [John_Lit] The use of FG in times like these

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  • Horace Jeffery Hodges
    Oct 3, 2001
      Thanks to Jeff Staley for Godfrey Rust's poem, which
      poses the question "What kind of story is this?"

      A Johannine answer might be "It's a story in which
      everybody plays a role in the temple's destruction."

      If the 'temple' means Jesus's body, then the fourth
      evangelist not only indicates the role of the Jewish
      leaders and the Romans but of the disciples and Jesus
      himself -- and, of course, of God.

      So, perhaps the fourth evangelist thought similarly
      about the destruction of the actual temple.

      Who is it who's writing this story? The leader of a
      small sectarian group at odds not only with the empire
      but even with others of his own religion and who
      believes that the destruction of a 'temple' will
      fulfill God's plan? One who believes that everyone has
      a hand in that temple's destruction?

      Does Johannine irony and the emphasis upon love
      prevent Johannine sectarianism from turning to

      Has anyone else read the text of the terrorists'
      letter? What struck me as remarkable was the
      expression of concern for others belonging to the
      group. I can well imagine that any in-group member
      reading it would be moved by the degree of concern and
      even love expressed for those within the group. Even
      more remarkable was the concern expressed that each
      one in the group act against the enemy not out of
      revenge but solely in order to fulfull God's purpose.

      Missing from the letter was any sense of irony. Is
      this significant?

      As for John's Gospel, is Johannine irony merely
      self-serving anyway?

      Jeffery Hodges

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