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1903Re: Re: Beloved Disciple passages in ms Pepys

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  • RSBrenchley@aol.com
    Aug 18, 2001
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      John Lupia writes:

      > So, your summarily dismissing the "Prologue" of Job out of hand
      > disregards critical lines of reasoning and the research that has
      > ensued. I realize that postings to lists are sometimes made in
      > haste off the cuff and my suspicion is this is true in your case.
      > Cordially,
      > John

      To some extent, yes. I don't claim to be making any professional academic
      opinion, I merely checked the citation you gave, and found something rather
      different. I'm not dismissing the prologue to Job, I'm trying to find the
      female doorkeeper, and failing. Looking at the references you give, is this
      from the LXX? That would clear the matter up, as you didn't specify, so I'd
      assumed you referred to Hebrew Job; the LXX would require a trip to the

      <<Job 2, 7 The Evil One, having failed in this, went away and took
      upon his shoulder an old, torn basket and went in and spoke to
      the doorkeeper saying: "Tell Job : Give me bread from thine
      hands that I may eat". 8 And when I heard this, I gave her burnt
      bread to give it to him, and I made known to him : "Expect not to
      eat of my bread, for it is forbidden to thee". 9 But the door-keeper,
      being ashamed to hand him the burnt and ashy bread, as she
      did not know that it was Satan, took of her own fine bread and
      gave it to him. 10 But he took it and, knowing what occured, said
      to the maiden : "Go hence, bad servant, and bring me the bread
      that was given thee to hand to me". ">>


      Robert Brenchley,
      Birmingham, UK.

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