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1348Re: [John_Lit] Discussion of Michael Willett Newheart's SBL1999 Paper

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  • Michael Newheart
    Feb 4, 2001
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      Thanks, Jeffery, for kicking off discussion of my paper. You discuss the
      association I make between Jesus' body and the temple as God's house, and
      you ask if anyone else has written on this. I don't know that anybody has.
      Perhaps someone else will know. I appreciate your continuing to play with
      the association.

      To all JL list-servers, the book that my paper comes out of, WORD AND SOUL,
      will be published by The Liturgical Press in July 2001. You can read a
      summary of it, the table of contents and the introduction at

      I look forward to a spirited (paraclete-ed?) discussion this week.

      Peace to all,

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      From: Horace Jeffery Hodges <jefferyhodges@...>
      To: johannine_literature@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Sunday, February 04, 2001 5:00 PM
      Subject: [John_Lit] Discussion of Michael Willett Newheart's SBL1999 Paper

      >Monday morning has arrived here in "The Land of
      >Morning Calm", so I suppose that we can start the next
      >discussion. Michael Willett Newheart wrote:
      >Jesusfathershouse, which is not the temple but JesusÂ’
      >body (2:16, 21), is many-dwellinged. Lots of room for
      >father and son and children to gather into one
      >(11:52). Jesus goes there (Why does he need to go to
      >his fathershouse if he is it?) to for the disciples
      >place-prepare one of those many dwellings. After
      >going, Jesus gonna come again to the disciples to
      >receive them into his prepared bodyhouse so that they,
      >his servant-followers, his father-given-ones, can be
      >with him where he is and see his loving glory (12:26;
      >This is an interesting association to make here
      >between the temple as God's house and Jesus's body as
      >God's house. It has never occurred to me to apply this
      >association to Jesus's farewell discourse image of the
      >house that Jesus goes to prepare. Have others also
      >written on this?
      >How far should we take this association in
      >understanding the Johannine image? Does the fourth
      >evangelist intend us to understand Jesus's body as the
      >church (by analogy to the temple) that will be
      >prepared by crucifixion and resurrection?
      >This can allow us to think about the language of union
      >into a concrete (if speculative) manner.
      >The temple houses God, but people can enter into it.
      >Similarly, the church houses God, but people can enter
      >into it. The Father is in Jesus, and the believers are
      >in Jesus.
      >Yet, Jesus is also in the believers through his
      >spirit, which binds believers to one another to make
      >up the church. The church, then, is not a specific
      >building but something more like the heavenly temple
      >-- a bit of realized eschatology.
      >But Jesus's body is also a place where believers dwell
      >-- is the image of the early churches operative here,
      >i.e., the home as the meeting place of the church?
      >This would resonate with Michael Newheart's theme of
      >Are multivalent images of temple, church, home, and
      >body intersecting here in the Johannine Jesus's
      >farewell discourse?
      >I'd speculate more on this, but my son is re-calling
      >me away from our ethereal discussion hall back to the
      >world of the home. I have to feed him.
      >Jeffery Hodges
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