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1097Re: [John_Lit] Digest Number 108

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  • Ken Durkin
    Dec 11, 2000
      ----- Original Message -----
      From: "Thomas (Tom) Butler" <butlerfam5@...>

      > To: Ken Durkin, Frank McCoy and JL listers
      > From: Tom Butler
      > Re: The Beloved Disciple
      > I am new to this list. Your consideration of the identity of the Beloved
      Disciple interests me a great deal. At the risk of walking on ground you
      have already covered, may I pose some questions?
      > When you consider attempting to identify the BD, do you use the criteria
      suggested by Raymond Brown and / or Charlesworth, or others, or do you have
      other criteria of your own?

      A couple of years ago I remember reading "Let Her Keep It". You argued that
      Mary of Bethany was the Beloved Disciple and the Gospel was published by
      Pontius Pilate. Have you changed your mind yet?
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