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1075RE: [John_Lit] Digest Number 108

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  • Thomas (Tom) Butler
    Dec 1, 2000
      To: Ken Durkin, Frank McCoy and JL listers
      From: Tom Butler
      Re: The Beloved Disciple

      I am new to this list. Your consideration of the identity of the Beloved Disciple interests me a great deal. At the risk of walking on ground you have already covered, may I pose some questions?

      When you consider attempting to identify the BD, do you use the criteria suggested by Raymond Brown and / or Charlesworth, or others, or do you have other criteria of your own?

      Frank, I gather that since you consider the unknown disciple who was known to the High Priest to be Lazarus, does that mean that you do not consider Lazarus to be the BD?

      If you have concluded that Lazarus is not the BD, have you considered the possibility, in light of Jn. 11: 5, that either Martha or Mary of Bethany could be the BD?

      Tom Butler

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      Re: The Beloved Disciple
      From: "Ken Durkin" <ind.fin.choices@...>

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      From: FMMCCOY <FMMCCOY@...>

      > Ken, if I understand you correctly, you identify the unnamed
      > disciple known to the High Priest as being the BD...
      > This is interesting, for I think that this unnamed disciple
      > known to the High Priest is Lazarus.

      I think the writer would have said so if that were the case. Once named, why become anonymous again?

      It's the same with the BD. Once characters are given names they can be ruled out as candidates (including the sons of Zebedee).

      Frank, you have produced some careful explanations to support your view that James, the brother of the Lord, is the BD. How do you explain the writer of 21 sending a vegetarian on a fishing trip?

      Ken Durkin
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