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Windsor / Essex County Sports Hall of Fame (WECSHOF) has a permanent home

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      Sent: Monday, October 1, 2012 2:47:57 AM
      Subject: Windsor / Essex County Sports Hall of Fame (WECSHOF) has a permanent home

      New Permanent Home For Local Sports Hall Of Fame
      June 29, 2012
      After 30 years the Windsor / Essex County Sports Hall of Fame (WECSHOF) has a permanent home and fundraising strategy to make it happen.

      The 186 members of the local Sports Hall of Fame will be featured in the Family Aquatic Complex on Pitt Street. Designed by local builder Davide Petretta and local architect Jerry Kavanaugh, the Hall of Fame will feature digital displays, sports artifacts and renderings of all its honoured members.

      "This is a great moment and milestone occasion for the Windsor / Essex County Sports Hall of Fame," says chairman and longtime WD Lowe Trojan basketball coach Jerry Brumpton, himself a member of the Hall's 2003 induction class. "For many years there have been a lot of dedicated people who’ve worked tirelessly to foster and promote our local sports heritage, and specifically to honour that heritage with a permanent home."

      Mayor Eddie Francis and Windsor City Council have enthusiastically embraced the initiative, citing the rich history and tradition of the greater local sports community. "Windsor and Essex County have long been regarded as one of the top local sports communities in Canada," says Mayor Francis. "From the success of our Windsor Spitfires, to our national championship teams at the University of Windsor and St. Clair College, to our numerous elite junior and scholastic teams and athletes that have brought such great honour to our communities, we can think of no better way to continue to honour our local sports legends than with the Windsor / Essex County Sports Hall of Fame’s permanent home at the Family Aquatic Complex."

      The Hall’s new permanent home is expected to cost approximately $300,000, with funding for the project generated by the group's capital fundraising campaign, which formally kicks off with the 1st Annual Knobby Knudsen Windsor Essex County Sports Hall of Fame Golf Classic at Ambassador Golf Club on August 22. No taxpayer monies will be used in the construction of the Hall within the Family Aquatic Complex.

      "We have established a very thorough and achievable capital fundraising program," says Brumpton. "The local sports and business communities have been super strong supporters of the Hall of Fame over the years and we are hoping to gain their support again."

      Brumpton adds that the inaugural Golf Classic, named in honour of the indefatigable Knudsen who passed away last November at the age of 79, is a fitting compliment to a man who gave endlessly to the local sports community - especially those local kids (Knobby's Kids) who couldn’t afford to play organized sports - and who was instrumental in the development of the local sports hall.

      "Knobby was a giant in our local sports community," says Brumpton. "Everyone knows how much he loved golf so it is truly fitting that our Golf Classic has been named in his honour. Knobby had a passion for the Windsor / Essex County Sports Hall of Fame and dreamed of the day it had a permanent home."

      For further information and details please contact:
      Gavin MacDougall
      Co-director of Media Relations
      Windsor Essex County Sports Hall of Fame

      1ST Annual Knobby Knudsen WECSHOF Golf Classic
      June 28, 2012
      1ST Annual Knobby Knudsen WECSHOF Golf Classic

      29th Annual Induction Dinner
      October 17, 2009
      SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2009 at the CABOTO CLUB (Canada Room)
      RECEPTION5:00 P.M.
      DINNER7:30 P.M. (approx)
      TICKETS – $50.00Children( 5-11) - $ 25.00
      RESERVATIONS (Tickets, Table)Contact Hall of Fame @ 519-254-7420
      INDIVIDUAL TICKETSCaboto Club – 519-252-8383
      2009 INDUCTEES
      Founder Athlete
      Sam Sisco (Official)Carol Mielczarek – Bowling
      Lou Veres (Tennis)Mark Renaud – Ice Hockey
       Jennifer Robinson – Figure Skating                            
       Brad Smith – Ice Hockey
      Windsor Spitfires Hockey Team – 2009 Memorial Cup Champions

      2008 Inductees
      November 08, 2008
      (left to right)
      Al Hoffman, Bob Phibbs, Don Gilbert, Doug Mitchell, Bill Thomson,
      Joe Siddall, Kris Manery

      (left to right)
      Joe Siddall, Don Gilbert, Al Hoffman, Doug Mitchell, Bill Thomson,
      Kris Manery, Bob Phibbs

      2007 Inductees
      October 13, 2007
      (left to right)
      William (Skeeter) Harrison, Hal Link (accepting for Harry Neal), Margaret Sidoroff-Canty, Gino Sovran, Jeffrey Tiessen, Sheri Turnbull-Lacy

      2007 Team Recognition Award
      October 13, 2007

      Director Mark Fathers presenting the “Walkerville Chicks”  Senior Baseball Team Recognition award plaque to Leo Girard, son of former player Leo ‘Tatters’ Girard.

      2006 Inductees
      October 14, 2006
      (left to right)
      Philip Haddad, James (Jimmy) Skinner, Chris Lori, Pat Ribble, Doug Specht and John Tucker

      2005 Inductees
      October 16, 2005

      'Knobby' Knudsen

      Bob McIntosh was inducted in 2005 as a Founder. He was unable to
      be present so the gentleman in the picture, is Len Skinner who spoke on
      his behalf. Standing to the right is Mrs McIntosh.

      Peter Craig - Athlete Inductee

      Ted Bulley - Athlete Inductee

      2005 - Canadian Team Championship Recognition Award
      October 16, 2005

      Windsor Bulldogs - Senior Men's Ice Hockey Team - 1963 Canadian Champions
      Back Row(L-R) - JerryServiss, Jack Costello, Norm Foster
      Middle Row(L-R) - Bill Mitchell, Lou Bendo, Bud Hillman, Joe Klukay, Jim Kimmerley
      Front Row(L-R) - Irwin Gross, Kirk Scott

      2004 Canadian Team Championship Recognition Award
      October 16, 2004
      2004 Recipients - AKO Fratmen Football Teams - 1952, 1954, 1999
      Receiving plaque:
      (L to R) - Ron Lauzon (Pres.), Ian Chippett (Chair) Football, Comm.), Rob Cherwak, Don Wiley ( Past Pres.)

      2004 Sports Club Recognition Recipient
      October 16, 2004
      Windsor Athletic Association (W.A.A)
      Pres. Ron Smith receiving the plaque from Director Robert Knudsen

      2004 Inductee
      October 16, 2004
      Lorri Kokkola-LaRowe (Athlete)

      2004 Inductee
      October 16, 2004
      Ralph Mellanby (Founder)

      2004 Inductee
      October 16, 2004
      Bruce Walker (Athlete)

      2004 Inductee
      October 16, 2004
      Inductee - Tom Joy (Founder) posthumously award accepted by his daughter Amy Joy

      2004 Inductees
      October 16, 2004
      (L to R)
      Eddie Mio, Ralph Mellanby, Bruce Walker, Amy Joy who accepted the award on behalf of her late father Tom Joy, Lorri Kokkola- LaRowe

      2004 Inductee
      October 16, 2004
      Eddie Mio (Athlete)

      2003 Club Recognition Award
      October 18, 2003
      Windsor Club 240
      President Eddie Hogan Jr. receives the plaque from Director Robert Knudsen.

      2003 Canadian Team Championship Recognition Award
      October 18, 2003
      1946 - Windsor Auto Wreckers
      Director Gino Fracas presents the plaque to Lee Nantais

      2003 Sports Hall of Fame Inductees
      October 18, 2003
      (L to R)
      Douglas Martin, Gerald Brumpton, Denise Benning-Reid, Rose Marie Sangster Daley, Brad Selwood, Budd Lynch.

      2002 Induction
      October 19, 2002
      (L to R) Charlie Stewart, Tom Marshall (son of Harry Marshall), Joye McAvoy-Sinn, John Quenneville (brother of Joel Quenneville), \"Scotty\" Laughland

      2001 Induction
      October 13, 2001
      Front Row (L to R) Betty Mersch, Margaret Thompson (daughters of the late Wally Lomas), Medo Martinello, Randy Manery
      Back Row (L to R) Audrey Bendick Akins, Bobby Dawson, Frank Wade (brotherof Harry Wade)

      2000 Induction
      October 14, 2000
      2000 Windsor / Essex County Sports Hall of Fame Inductees
      (L to R) Tony Techko, Bill Gale, Doug Collins, Paul Rose, Evelyn Slobasky, Ray Bala, Bill Coulthard

      1999 Induction
      October 16, 1999
      1999 Windsor / Essex County Sports Hall of Fame Inductees
      (L to R) Lou Bendo, Keith Crowder, Mike Brkovich, Ken Fathers, Bill Mitchell, Kathleen Hogan (Widow of Jimmy Hogan)

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