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Hello All !!!

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  • sdabbs2001
    Hi there, Newbie Sam Dabbs here. I have my own version of a Joe cell that I have been using on my Geo Metro 1.0 liter extreme mileage test vehicle and
    Message 1 of 871 , Oct 31, 2001
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      Hi there,<br><br> Newbie Sam Dabbs here. I have
      my own version of a Joe cell that I have been using
      on my Geo Metro 1.0 liter extreme mileage test
      vehicle and have had some satisfying results.<br>I have
      achieved as much as 70-80 mpg utilizing my Joe cell and a
      fuel preheater. Timing was advanced "way too much" and
      water injection added to quench those valves. <br>My
      Joe cells cost me $20 or less.<br>I buy my stainless
      pipes at a local scrap metal yard for $0.30 a pound.
      The rest of the material I get from a local hardware
      store such as Lowes.<br><br>I do not do any "charging"
      of anything. But I bench test my cells and use a
      pnumatic trough to measure output of the gas before I use
      the cells.<br>I do not use a dome on the top of mine.
      Just a rubber plumbing cap on the top and bottom of
      the cells. Very simplified design and it works very
      well. I'm in a constant state of "re-design" and
      production techniques.<br>I do not mirror polish my cells,
      only clean them up a bit before I use them.<br><br>I
      feel that there is a lot of hype about the exacting
      construction process myself.<br>I may be wrong, that has
      happened once before. :-)<br><br>But, at least I am
      getting some good results and I'm hoping that I can learn
      even more about these wonderful devices from you guys
      and love sharing the info about it.<br><br>Thanks for
      starting this club!!<br>Sam in NC
    • Dan
      Hi Smokey, Thanks for the civil response. Hope you are aware of Elijah and the bears. Joes Rover was Red, for anyone whos interested. RE Subaru weight change
      Message 871 of 871 , Feb 22 11:53 PM
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        Hi Smokey,

        Thanks for the civil response.
        Hope you are aware of Elijah and the bears.

        Joes Rover was Red, for anyone whos interested.

        RE Subaru weight change and earthing, read the posts.

        The only Non scalar attack oriented joe cell reaction I am aware of would be the Doraldina thing as mentioned (possibly others have had similar experiences).

        BUT regarding water and fire, note my posted notes on flouro blue (etc) flames in campfires and also the invisible pale pink flame discernable on top of nice water sources when you are active. NOT scalar attack.

        All the best

        --- In joecellfreeenergydevice@yahoogroups.com, "Smokey" <smokey9s@...> wrote:
        > Hi Dan,
        > Didn't like your new beginning back here as we like to keep it clean but appreciate your comments of JC interest.
        > Have attached your opening message below for those interested in your experiences.
        > At first read it appears as if the 86 Subaru is suffereing from an EMP attack and hasn't recovered - you did mention Scalar.
        > Pity the vehicle couldn't be weighed as you may have found a weight loss apparent.
        > Did you try earthing the vehicle over many days to allow the vehicle to 'normalise'.
        > Read some of your first posts but would now like to here the rest of the story as to how the vehicle was recoved.
        > Thanks.
        > Smokey
        > --- In joecellfreeenergydevice@yahoogroups.com, danwhh wrote:
        > >
        > > Dan,(Australia) /////I had a Mk4 Joe cell hooked
        > > up to my car on and off for over a month.<br>the
        > > following was observed.....<br>a) Motor ejected most of oil
        > > thru PCV hose. It runs cooler than usual with<br> very
        > > little oil in the sump (off the end of the dipstick),
        > > probably doesnt need any at all.<br>b) Increased fuel
        > > economy (up to over twice as efficient as before)<br>c)
        > > Stopping/starting for no apparent reason.<br>d) Other freeeeeeky
        > > stuff I wont go into at the
        > > moment.<br>BUT.........<br>car now non go.<br>ie The cars electrical system has
        > > completely died.<br> Check this.......<br> Fully charged
        > > battery (over 12 volts), [also tried with jumpered up
        > > brand new batt also.]<br> Cannot even get a spark from
        > > positive battery terminal via jumper lead touched to<br>
        > > block/chassis/negative. (well micro spark on first touch, then none at
        > > all)<br> I even tried it with a new battery, on ground in
        > > front of car (with original battery removed)<br> -
        > > Negative terminal on external battery linked via jumper
        > > lead to negative car battery lead.<br> Positive ext
        > > batt terminal via jumper lead..... no spark on motor,
        > > chassis, or, get this,<br> even the other end of the
        > > negative jumper lead (where it is attatched to the car neg
        > > batt lead)<br> This is clearly unusual, as all
        > > connections (chassis earth, terminals, jumper leads etc)
        > > check <br> out as OK. The usual Joe cell types havent
        > > heard of this one before. <br> As is evident from this,
        > > no starter motor, headlights, internal lights or
        > > dash lights.<br> (Dash lights/interior lights were
        > > fading in and out a bit for a while after it first died,
        > > but now are<br> completely dead).<br><br>I had been
        > > charging water in the cell (water had been recently
        > > changed and<br>had been sitting in car for 3 weeks with
        > > negative wire unconnected.....my mistake)<br>After a few
        > > days charging.....<br>Charging @ 12.6v for approx 3-4
        > > min....all needles on meters set @ 12.6v, 0.1a<br> with no
        > > probs. Then, volts needle slow drop approx 1v (3 sec
        > > say) then, needle<br>wobbling around, +, -, about 1v
        > > swing. Ammeter also wobble small displacement.<br>Dan
        > > notices, goes...."better maintain 12.6v, ".... so turns up
        > > volts adjust. Volts<br>do not, however cooperate and
        > > voltage remains at under 12v with volts adjusted<br>all
        > > the way up [no wobble tho] (previously had charged
        > > cell in maniac fashion at<br> 26-32v while trying out
        > > new powersupply, all meters AOK ). Dan disconnects
        > > the<br>positive clip from cell and volt meter redlines
        > > ASAP.<br>Dan feels similar as he did when car volts also will
        > > not cooperate hahahahaha<br> <br>More attempts to
        > > restart car soon.<br>I am thinking of hooking up 3 car
        > > batts (split positive) to try get some car wiring
        > > <br>electron flow action.<br>hahahahaha<br><br><br>NB///////I
        > > have prev posted some of this on another
        > > site<br>apologies if u seen it before<br><br>now I find the hard
        > > core Joe cell fanatics.<br>better
        > >
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