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Workshop on Research in Food Security and Grain Storage

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  • Lexo Khubulava
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      The MASHAV Center is inviting candidates to the International Workshop on Research and Development in Food Security and Grain Storage - Technologies and Management, which will take place in Israel from March 30 to April 12, 2011.

      For further information please, see attached file with course information.

      Terms and conditions

      ** Tuition and accommodation are free of charge.
      ** The indicated dates are the period of course duration in Israel.

      Competition for the MASHAV courses is merit-based and selection will be made on the basis of academic excellence, professional aptitude, leadership potential in the field of specialization, and knowledge of Russian or English. Funding for the MASHAV courses is limited and the program is highly competitive; not all qualified applicant will receive awards. The suitable candidates will be finally selected by the relevant authorities in Israel.

      People who could use the gained experience, knowledge and skills for benefit of their country are welcome to apply. The course is designed for professionals from the academic and extension services who are involved in grain storage and food security projects under the aegis of national or international organizations, institutions, universities, research institutes, municipalities and/or the private sector.

      The course language is English.

      We would be grateful if you could disseminate the information about the course to suitable candidates.

      The deadline of submitting application forms in MASHAV Center in Tbilisi is 10 February 2011.

      For further information please read the attached file and contact:

      MASHAV Center in Georgia
      Contact person: Mr. Misha Shatashvili
      154 Agmashenebeli Ave., Tbilisi
      Tel: 556500, ext. 548
      Web page: http://tbilisi.mfa.gov.il

      Working hours: Monday-Thursday: from 10a.m. till 5p.m. On Friday: from 10a.m. till 3p.m.


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