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  • rao gnaneswar
    letter by K.C.Kalkura, kurnool. ... engage myself in the self styled Intellectual discussions . Are we prepared to plunge into the movement. I am not
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2011

      letter by K.C.Kalkura, kurnool.
      > Dear friend, Vandemataram. > "Human nature is human nature and as long as human nature is human nature, > it remains human nature."  Whether it is the Lokpal or Chief Justice of > India or the Chief Vigilance Commissioner or the Chief of the CBI or the > Prime Minister of India, he is a human being. Even the Lokpal will be an > Indian human being. There has been much debate on the Lokpal Bill and the > issue. Even as per the existing Anti Corruption Law, the ill-gotten money > will have to be confiscated to the State. Tell me one section of the society > that is fair and sincere in its profession. > Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan selected Student Leaders Lallu Prasad Yadav > and Sharad Yadav  to head the Chatra Parishad wing of his Total Revolution > Movement. How later they moulded, is part of history.. There were beelines > of youth behind Gandhiji and Lok Nayak. Do you find them today with Anna > Hazare and Ramdev. I am interested in my son earning dollar and engage > myself in the self styled "Intellectual discussions". Are we prepared to > plunge into the movement. I am not prepared to give up my business interest. > > As per the existing law a former Union Minister and a Rajya Sabha Member, > daughter of a Former C.M. are the guests of the Government of India in > Tihar Central Jail. Let me quote a quotation from the ROSES IN DECEMBER , > Autobiography by Justice M.C.Chagla "One more Inch of Law; you turn a > flirt into a prostitute; a moderate  drinker into a drunkard; an > enlightened employer into a grad-grind and an agnostic into a > blasphemer". (As my copy of the book was swallowed by the Tunghabhadra > Floods in 2009, I am quoting this from my memory.).This is not to > support the Congress and its corrupt administration. Can we assure that the > Bill proposed by the Civil Society,  if passed, will eradicate corruption in > this country? > > By all consensus, we have one of the best Written Constitution in the world. > I have heard, more than once, Justice Santhosh Hegde lamenting this. Members > of the Constituent Assembly, numbering 309, were men of sterling character, > transparently sincere and devoted to their job. Intellectual celebrities > whose daily income was crossing four digits, accepted the membership for a > pittance of few hundreds per month. How we are subverting their intentions > and labour. Civil Society members are no comparison to any one of them. "The > Framing Of India's Constitution" in six volumes is available with many Law > Book sellers. It costs only Rs.5,000/-. > > In spite of it, now we say, democracy is being mutilated.  Ballot box is the > greatest weapon in a democracy. Votes are purchased; yes. I repeat for the N > th time; Because we the intellectuals stay away from the democratic process. > An employee availing holiday under the Negotiable Instruments Act does not > exercise his vote. At the most it is only an hour's duty. Yet the whole day > is treated as job and bribed in the form of  a holiday. Accepting bribe and > not casting vote is corruption. Is there a provision in the Proposed Lokpal > Bill to punish him? Telugu poet Srirangam Srinivasa Rao (Sri Sri) said "భావ > విప్లవమ్ రావలెనోయ్" (There must be emotional transformation). It sounds like > कालाय तस्मैनमः. Time I salute Thee. > > Justice J.S.Varma is right. There cannot be  parallel institutions to the > Parliament and the Judiciary. Let us strengthen the existing mechanism. No > Bhagavan worth his position, right from Vyasa to Ramana Maharshi did not > invent anything New.
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