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Re: PAnel Vs. Frame Display Problem

Hi Jim, I'll be glad to take a look if you'll send me your panel file and all the custom icons (and tell me where they should be placed). Also, please advise
11:56 AM

PAnel Vs. Frame Display Problem

Folks, I have a panel that I have been using for about 5 years. It is a jpg background with Sensors and Signal icons laid on top. I also have a set of icons
Jim Thompson
11:52 AM

OFF-TOPIC but probably of interest! Model Railroad Control Systems

Apologies to those on the Arduini and CMRI lists who've already seen this! Chuck Catania and I are proud to announce the availabilityof the Model Railroad
Seth Neumann
9:33 AM

Re: WayCard Creator

I sent out an e-mail a few weeks ago looking for you but did not have a good e-mail for some reason. I am currently in the area. I plan to come to the Club
Dan Foltz
8:13 AM

Re: WayCard Creator

Dan Could you send me a copy of the new corrected version? Thanks When do you plan to be back in Charleston again? I’ve gotten back into the club a bit.
6:56 AM

Re: Layout Editor and BDL168 Status

Dave try cycling the power on and off that might correct the errors James  Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android From:"cochrun@... [jmriusers]"
James Dunlap
6:48 AM

Layout Editor and BDL168 Status

We have moved our new dual screen computer using JMRI Layout Editor into the dispatcher's office. When powering up the software and railroad there seems to be
6:41 AM

Re: sound loading

Dave, JMRI when used with a with a PR2 or PR3 will download sound schemes to Digitrax sound decoders:
6:24 AM

Problem with Panel Pro

I had a panel working perfectly with Panel Pro. I then updated to JMRI 3.10.1 and now it won't work. I'm running Merg CBUS on a windows 7 laptop. I can still
3:43 AM

Re: Ops: Why does one car go to Staging, but the other goes to an in

Hi Dan Thanks for the prompt reply What was puzzling me and not sure what was the cause, was that I did not expect the program bias you have advised. I could
Malcolm Alberry
2:06 AM

Re: MS100

I'm not getting into discussion over pricing differences between HDL and RR-Cirkits, but offer a few observations. I have built quite a number of Hans de
Nigel Cliffe
1:04 AM

Re: Remote web accessr esponse time

Steve, I'm using /panel. I'll upgrade to the latest release on Friday. I'll let you know if I see a difference. Thanks for the guidance, Dave Trimble ... Hi
9:08 PM

Re: Switch list problem

David, Thanks for the info regarding using the demo files and that you do have access to the help files. It looks like the second time you built the train that
8:57 PM

Re: Switch list problem

Dan; I have played with the demo files and read the docs a few times. I've also been following the threads as you and other boffins have sorted out various
8:08 PM

Re: MS100

Sent from my iPad ... Well, sort of..... If you're a manufacturer, you try not to compete with retail outlets that carry your product. While Dick has
Paul Bender
8:04 PM
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