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Re: Locobuffer and Windows 10

Walt and whoever else helped All is well. The drivers are loaded once I knew where to go. The com port is identified in this case as COM4. All the bits of
12:55 PM

Re: Ops: How to block your trains

Hi Steve, It's in the Operations folder of the files section. The script in there goes with it. Greg [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
12:46 PM

Re: Decoder Pro and Econami Decoder

Richard, Your post is possibly missing something in the problem description. All you get is the CV tab ??? If you are looking at the proper screen and have
12:40 PM

Re: US&S Panel Strategies

I am planning to add optical detectors to the turnouts of my module to make sure cars are detected, for now I've put 30 second release times on the block
11:08 AM

Re: Ops: How to block your trains

Guess my question would be where did you post this article? Looked in files and conversations without success but then Yahoo's search leaves a lot to be
10:59 AM

Ops: How to block your trains

Hi Group, Now, I'll be the first to admit that anyone who writes an article with an awkward name like "Utilize a JMRI Staging location as though it were a
9:26 AM

Decoder Pro and Econami Decoder

In anticipation of receiving my first Soundtraxx Econami steam decoder I downloaded DP 4.1.4-r50. The prior DP version did not include this decoder. When I
Richard Bettig
7:28 AM

Re: Slow Panel Start Up

Hi Walt Thanks for that, I will remove the flashing lamps, do not need them in any case. It actually took 42 seconds, which highlights the fact that these
5:48 AM

Re: Slow Panel Start Up

Peter Got it to load in about 6 sec. See the panel just uploaded to you folder. Changed the Icons so when Unknown or Inconsistent they are "?". then deleted
3:45 AM

Re: Slow Panel Start Up

When you changed the sensor Icons you chose Gifs that flash when Unknown. That takes up computer time. Walt [Non-text portions of this message have been
1:27 AM

Re: US&S Panel Strategies

Hi Mike, Paul and Suzie A possible sequence is below. LOGIX 1 State Variables Code Button (an IS) AND Signal Leaver (an IT) Action Clear (both) Signals or Hold
12:08 AM

Re: Slow Panel Start Up

Hi Walt Thanks for that, it shows it is something in JMRI and the panel and not my set up. As I remarked I will live with the delay. Peter Misty Devon ...
11:59 PM


I seem to be posting again with problems sorry. I have set up a route that I need to run on start up and missing a step that selects to do so. I have gone
Peter Prewett
10:17 PM

Engine Driver

This is one way of making sure that Engine Driver displays in order that is needed and that it to put a letter in front of each name, I used a-Wharf, a-xxxx,
Peter Prewett
8:32 PM

Re: Print Question

The supplied script "RosterCsvExport.py" exports selected roster items to a CSV file for import by Excel or another similar program. Actions->Run Script. You
Dave Heap
8:26 PM
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