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Re: DP3 and advanced consists

You can temporarily remove a locomotive from its advanced consist, (or the whole consist itself, for that matter) simply by removing it from the track.
2:50 AM

Signal Mast Logic Path Speed

Hi I note that I silly low speed was set in the Path Speed of a signalling pair, but for the life of me could not work our where this came from. Where does one
1:09 AM

Re: Good news for Raspberry Pi users running JMRI

Bad news is it's not completely compatible / has things worked out for various tools such as TightVNC auto-starting, using a long-press for a right-click on
Mike Dunn
12:56 AM

Re: Good news for Raspberry Pi users running JMRI

On 10/06/2015 02:02 PM, 'Brian Gilhuly' brianlgilhuly@... ... It looks like the "ordinary user" support is for Python only (from the blog entry...) This
Paul Bender
9:44 PM

Re: El Capitan - problems after upgrade

Ed, ... That's true for the serial interfaces and for the original LI-USB (without the Ethernet). The LI-USB-Ethernet actually REQUIRES that flow control be
Paul Bender
9:27 PM

Re: DP3 and advanced consists

Sent from my iPad ... Not quite. You should look at the data in the file as the last state of the consists JMRI knew about. If the consist was changed
Paul Bender
9:09 PM

Re: jmri Panels

Chuck, When you restarted JMRI, did you load your panel xml file? From the main menu you need to select "Panels >> Open Panels". For saving your work, it
Dave Sand
8:12 PM

Re: Assistance with Control Panel Editor

Larry, Have you checked under the 'Clinics' tab on our web site? http://www.rr-cirkits.com/Clinics/Clinics.html A number of these clinics cover various aspects
Dick Bronson
7:10 PM

Re: Assistance with Control Panel Editor

Larry, A great starting point is to found at: http://www.rr-cirkits.com/Clinics/Clinics.html http://www.rr-cirkits.com/Clinics/Clinics.html but lots of info
7:06 PM

WOW STEAM Function Map

Something I wanted to ask. In the function map F6 box is checked for brake. In the decoder F6 is the brake release. In the decoder F7 is the braking function.
6:47 PM

7b. Re: Assistance with Control Panel Editor

Bad link in the reply. Googled it found: http://www.quaker-valley.com/ctc/jmri_panel_tutorial.html (thanks for that info, because I'm getting ready to make my
Alex M. Postpischil
6:42 PM

Another mute WOW 101 Steam

I just posted a long winded story about todays effort to use D.P. with Sprog V3 to program all the feature/sounds in the WOW decoder. Anyone that thinks they
6:34 PM

Re: jmri Panels

Chuck here again.....I got the grid on "My Layout". I thought I was saving all of the work I did on My Layout, but when I came back to it.....it was gone.
6:33 PM

Re: DP3 and advanced consists

... Wasn't looking for it to determine that in real time, just want the consist that it belongs to while I am using DP. Wouldn't it be a simple matter to scan
6:23 PM

jmri Panels

Aloha, all....how do I get the graphic grid to appear on my "My Layout" panel? The one I have now has no grid, just a blank page with my tracks on them. Chuck
6:13 PM
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