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JJdJ Sep 4, 07: The Fish Want Flesh

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  • Irene A. Mystery
    Welcome to Jewish Joke du Jour! Please visit our sponsors. They keep JJdJ priceless! ... Store Price: $49.99 OUR PRICE: $19.99 Here is your chance to own the
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      Welcome to Jewish Joke du Jour!

      Please visit our sponsors. They keep JJdJ priceless!

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      Sep 4, 2007 Volume 93, Issue 791

      Jewish Joke du Jour Table of Content

      o "The Fish Want Flesh"
      o Jewish Quote du Jour


      I can hear the collective 'oy' after this joke...

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      "The Fish Want Flesh"

      Joe, the fisherman, had driven by the lake many times
      and had seen some other anglers about, so he decided
      to give his luck a try. On his first day of fishing he had no
      luck at all but noticed that another fisherman near him
      that was scooping in one after another. He had to know
      The Secret. "Excuse me sir, but would you mind telling
      me what sort of bait you are using?" he asked.

      The other man looked around a bit embarrassed. "Well,
      I am a surgeon, and quite by accident I found that human
      tonsil works very well."

      Joe thanked the man, thought about what sort of bait to
      try next time, and left.

      The next day, Joe returned to the lake, tried a different
      bait and still had no luck. Just as the day before, there
      was yet a different man reeling in fish after fish.

      "Excuse me," asked Joe, "but could you suggest a bait
      that I could try?"

      "Well, I can but I am not sure it will do you any good. I am
      using a bit of human appendix."

      "Hmm," thought Joe. It seemed that the fish in this lake
      would require a little more effort than normal. He left,
      willing to give the lake one more try.

      On the third day, Joe still had no luck. As was usual,
      there was yet another man near him bringing in fish
      left and right. Joe wanted to confirm what he already
      knew. "Excuse me sir, but are you a doctor?"

      "No, I am a Rabbi."


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      Jewish Quote du Jour

      "I don't want to become immortal through my work.
      I want to become immortal through not dying."
      -- Woody Allen


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