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JJdJ Nov 2, 06: Original Birth Names of Jewish Performers

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  • Irene A. Mystery
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      Nov 2, 2006 Volume 83, Issue 704

      Jewish Joke du Jour Table of Content

      o "Original Birth Names of Jewish Performers"
      o Links du Jour


      Still sticking with the names...

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      "Original Birth Names of Jewish Performers"

      Woody Allen --- Alan Stewart Koenigsberg
      June Allyson --- Ella Geisman
      Lauren Bacall --- Betty Joan Perske
      Jack Benny --- Benjamin Kubelsky
      Irving Berlin --- Israel Baline
      Milton Berle --- Milton Berlinger
      Joey Bishop ---Joseph Gottlieb
      Karen Black --- Karen Blanche Ziegler
      Victor Borge --- Borge Rosenbaum
      Fanny Brice --- Fanny Borach
      Mel Brooks --- Melvin Kaminsky
      George Burns --- Nathan Birnbaum
      Eddie Cantor --- Edward Israel Iskowitz
      Jeff Chandler --- Ira Grossel
      Lee J. Cobb --- Amos Jacob
      Tony Curtis --- Bernard Schwartz
      Rodney Dangerfield --- Jacob Cohen
      Kirk Douglas --- Issue Danielovich Demsky
      Melvyn Douglas --- Melvyn Hesselberg
      Bob Dylan --- Bobby Zimmerman
      Paulette Goddard --- Marion Levy
      Lee Grant --- Lyova Geisman
      Elliot Gould --- Elliot Goldstein
      Judy Holliday --- Judith Tuvim
      Al Jolson --- Asa Yoelson
      Danny Kaye --- David Daniel Kaminsky
      Michael Landon --- Michael Orowitz
      Steve Lawrence --- Sidney Leibowitz
      Jerry Lewis --- Joseph Levitch
      Peter Lorre --- Lazlo Lowenstein
      Elaine May --- Elaine Berlin
      Yves Montand --- Ivo Levy
      Mike Nichols --- Michael Peschkowsky
      Joan Rivers --- Joan Molinsky
      Edward G. Robinson -- Emanuel Goldenberg
      Jane Seymour --- Joyce Penelope Frankenburg
      Simone Signoret --- Simone-Henriette Kaminker
      Beverly Sills --- Belle Silverman
      Sophie Tucker --- Sophia Kalish
      Gene Wilder --- Gerald Silberman


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