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JJdJ Nov 3, 05: Silver Dollar

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  • Irene A. Mystery
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    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2005
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      Nov 3, 2005 Volume 71, Issue 600

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      o "Silver Dollar"
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      What an understanding mama...

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      "Silver Dollar"

      A Jewish girl comes home and says, "Ma,
      I got married."

      Her mother says, "Oy, that's great."

      She says, "But, Ma, he's an Arab."

      Her mother says, "Oy, that's not so great."

      She says, "But, Ma, he's an Arab sheik. He's
      wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. You and
      Daddy are going to live in the lap of luxury for
      the rest of your lives."

      Six months later, she walks in the house and says,
      "Ma, I love my Arab sheik, but my G~d, all he wants
      to do is boff me in my butt. Day and night, that's all
      he'll do is bang me in my butt. When we got married,
      my butthole was the size of a dime.. now, it's the size
      of a silver dollar."

      Her mother says, "So, for ninety cents you're going
      to make trouble?"


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