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JJdJ Jul 1, 04: Indian Sheitels (Wigs)

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  • Irene A. Mystery
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2004
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      Jul 1, 2004 Volume 55, Issue 458

      From sublime to ridiculous is one but step...


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      "Indian Sheitels (Wigs)"

      The following is a newly published guide to help people
      determine whether or not the hair in their wife's sheitel
      has Indian roots. Your wife's sheitel may contain Indian
      hair if she starts exhibiting any of the following symptoms:

      1. Your wife develops a red dot in the middle of her

      2. Your wife's skin starts turning green and oily.

      3. She starts cooking with curry.

      4. She insists the family becomes vegetarian.

      5. She quits her job and opens an off shore call center
      in the spare bedroom.

      6. She insists you sell your business and start working in
      a newsstand.

      7. She starts spending more time in seven eleven than
      she spends in Loehman's

      8. She's proud of her son-in-law who works as a gas
      station attendant.

      9. She starts showing up to the Shabbat table in a sari
      instead of a robe.

      10. She trades her earrings for nose rings.

      11. When discussing marriage prospects for your 19 year
      old daughter she mentions words like, dowry, cows, and


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