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JJdJ Jun 3, 03: Wailing Wall

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  • Irene A. Mystery
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      Jun 3, 2003 Volume 44, Issue 367

      I wish it were funny....


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      "Wailing Wall"

      A visitor came to Israel and saw the Wailing Wall.
      Not being too versed in religious aspects, he
      inquired of another tourist about the significance
      of the wall. The other tourist explained, "This is
      a sacred wall. If you pray to it, G~d may hear you."

      The visitor walked close to the wall and started to
      pray. "Dear Lord," he said, "bring sunshine and
      warmth to this beautiful land."

      A commanding voice answered, "I will, my son."

      The visitor said, "Bring prosperity to this land."

      "I will, my son."

      "Let Jews and Arabs live together in peace, dear Lord."

      The voice answered, "You're talking to a wall!"


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