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The NETWORK News-nugget Issue No. 25 Vol. 2 Year 4: Thursday, 6 June 2008

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      "There are many positive ways for business to make a difference in the lives of the poor - not through philanthropy but through initiatives that, over time, will help build new markets"

      Kofi Annan: World Economic Forum, 2002.



      29-30 September 2008, Brighton , Great Britain
      “The 1st World Social Marketing Conference”

      Issue No. 25 Vol. 2 Year 4: Thursday, 6 June 2008


      Massage from the NETWORK


      Sorry for the delay of this News-Nugget of The NETWORK of NGO and Business Partnerships. The NETWORK has been busy in laying a strong groundwork for The NETWORK Thailand ; nonetheless, there are yet many other preparations to commence an acceleration of The NETWORK movement in Asia and Thailand .

      This issue features the theme on “Innovation emerges from continuation of practices”. For Businesses in Asia, it is a high time for implementation of CSR and for NGOs, and it is a high time to re-invent a new paradigm of philanthropic pitching approach to support your own good cause while NGOs considering the scarce resources, but urgency in growing NGO,  public and private sector partnerships. Your journey of practicing CSR now begins, so you will experience that innovation does comes in between and along the process.  Much appreciate if you could give us feed back and recommendations.

      The NETWORK


      1. Cases on Partnerships 


      Now, NGO turns to market for profits
      By Hindustan Time, New Deli  
      From a focus on securing livelihood for its members, SEWA, the Ahmedabad-based women's cooperative, is switching to market. The not-for-profit organization now wants to build brands and earn profits. More




      by Ann Svendsen & Myriam Laberge

      This article introduces a tool support the implementation of the activities involved in convening stakeholder networks.  A stakeholder network as a web of groups, organizations and/or individuals who come together to address a complex, cross-boundary problem, issue or opportunity.  The role of this convener is to help a multi-stakeholder network tap its latent energy, resources and intelligence to generate novel solutions and whole system innovations that no one member could achieve on their own. The role of this  network convener is new for most companies and it involves different ways of thinking, being and engaging beyond the more traditional approaches to managing bilateral stakeholder relationships. We describe this process as “co-creative engagement” involving three phases of activity: 1) outreach (e.g. extending membership in the network), 2) collective learning, and 3) joint action/innovation. The NETWORK is developing its direction towards this model and learn new paradigm of engagement strategy every time we experiment in new activities.More 


      3. Emerging Trends:  What and Why of CSR and CSI?


      Learn not too new terms spinning off from CSR, but CSI. Corporate social investment originated from philanthropy when the value it added to the reputation of the organization was recognized. Previously, the terms CSI and CSR were used interchangeably, but have now been defined separately. CSR refers to an organization’s total responsibility towards the business environment in which it operates. CSR describes the broader solution to triple-bottom-line matters of the 3Ps – profit, people and planet. CSI is one of the sub-components of CSR and aims to uplift communities in such a way that the quality of life is generally improved and safeguarded. More


      4. Movement  on Partnerships


      4.1 How Local NGOs adopt this Unicef Corporate Partnerships program 
      Unicef Strategy on Corporate Partnerships
      Learn about Unicef corporate strategy and examine if local NGOs can design their program to give more options to business to support any small local NGOs’ good cause.

      4.2 CorporateResponsibility.Net  Top 5 news stories
      In Europe , these  companies have been serious about developing  their CSR program in tackling environmental concern and impacts.  The top 5 news stories were:
      1) BT debuts CSI: A new business model for measuring their carbon intensity
      2) UK : M&S hits back in packaging row
      3) Updated: Exxon repels climate change shareholder revolt
      4) US: Environmental Protection and CSR – Who's Leading?
      5) Danish government publishes action plan for CSR 



      5. Opportunities from Business and others for all


      5.1 US$1 million Rio Tinto Alcan Prize for Sustainability (Now open for entries)
      Announced:  3 June 2008  Deadline: midnight, 12 September 2008 (GMT)

      The Rio Tinto Alcan Prize is open to all not-for-profit, non-governmental, and civil society organizations based anywhere in the world that are working to advance the goals of economic, environmental, and social sustainability. The Prize was created to recognize the not-for-profit sector for its contributions to global sustainability both in the community and more widely by influencing policy. More 



      The NETWORK is a non profit organization facilitating partnerships of NGOs and business via a dialogue, networking and capacity building

      The NETWORK
      Email: thenetwork@...
      Web: www.ngobiz.org





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