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The NETWORK Monthly News-Nugget: No.24 Vol.2 Yr.4 March 2008

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  • Pareena - The NETWORK
    Issue No. 24 Vol. 2 Year 4: Thursday 20th March 2008 Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare , Japanese proverb Dear The
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      Issue No. 24 Vol. 2 Year 4: Thursday 20th  March 2008

      "Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare", Japanese proverb

      Dear The Members,

      This month, The NETWORK newsnugget features news on partnerships between OneWorld South Asia and British Telecom and Cisco, and a tool on Community Involvement Program with one case study. In addition, we found a debate on Social entrepreneurship and the corporate world at the Social Edge web board is very interesting with good models, constraints and lessons learnt together with good thoughts and aspirations. Lastly, the report on the State of Corporate philanthropy and the Movement of Corporate Community Involvement is worth in spreading the word to our members.

      Last, but not least, The NETWORK would like to call for our support on "The Earth Hour Campaign: Earth calling YOU!" at 8pm on Saturday March 29th. It could be a beautiful hour.

      Your comments and opinions are always welcome. Contact us at info@....

      Sincerely, The NETWORK

       1. News-NGO&Business Partnerships

      Cisco, BT join NGO to set up helpline for teachers
      Author: Ashutosh Kumar / New Delhi March 11, 2008

      Aiming at improving the quality of rural education, OneWorld South Asia, in collaboration with British Telecom and Cisco, has launched a pilot project in West Bengal last week for assisting rural teachers in addressing the needs of the children more effectively through information and communications technology tools. More.

       2. Tools: Business and Community Involvement

      Good Practice In Community Involvement
      By Heart of the City: Helping the City to Make it Difference, UK

      Community involvement is about the relationship between a company and the community in which it operates. An active dialogue and partnership between a company and community can bring enormous benefits to both parties. Community involvement includes program that advance the interests of both the business and the community, working in partnership. This guide aims to help companies to get started and to design programs and employees to see how to get their companies involved. More.

      3. Cases on Partnerships

      iMPOWER partnership with Kidscape & Stockwell Primary School

      iMPOWER's objective was quite simple? they wanted to implement a program focused on sharing their skills in a sector which was relevant to their business. They wanted to start with a one-day activity that could involve all staff but were also looking for a partnership that would allow staff to engage in a more sustained way as the relationship developed, providing ongoing opportunities for staff and continued support to the charitable partner. More.

       4. Debates-

      Models, Constraints and Challenges: on Social entrepreneurship and the corporate world
      Source: http://www.socialedge.org/discussions/social-entrepreneurship/social-entrepreneurship-and-the-corporate-world

      Partnerships between big businesses and social entrepreneurs may provide one way of resolving resource constraints, addressing societal problems and serving previously under-served communities and markets in a sustainable manner. The case for businesses to get directly involved with social enterprises in their core business practices is extremely strong. If managed correctly such partnerships can result in a multitude of benefits for the business including increased opportunity for corporate responsibility combined with profitability, enhanced reputation and local license to operate, improved integration in new markets and the increased ability to assess the needs of and access to consumers at the base of the economic pyramid. Such benefits can be seen in SABMiller's Eagle lager in Uganda , which was developed by working with leaders, NGO's and farmers' cooperatives to respond to the low purchasing power of most Ugandan consumers. More.

       5. Report: The state of Corporate Philanthropy: A McKinsey Global Survey

      Source: McKinsey Weekly Report

      Consumers' growing expectations of companies make corporate philanthropy more important than ever. But many respondents to this survey say their companies aren't meeting social goals or stakeholder expectations very effectively. Companies that are doing well are taking a more strategic approach. More.

       6. Movement- Corporate Community Involvement

      The Next Wave of Corporate Community Involvement: Corporate Social Initiatives
      By David Hess, Nikolai Rogovsky and Thomas W. Dunfee

      The practice of corporate philanthropy has evolved significantly over the past several decades to a point where it is becoming an important part of corporate strategy. In this article, we identify an emerging form of corporate community involvement that we call "Corporate Social Initiatives." These programs differ from their predecessors in that they are connected to the firm's core values, responsive to moral pressures, based on the firm's core competencies, and have clear objectives and means of measurement. Firms are adopting these initiatives as a part of a strategy seeking a competitive advantage through reputation assets and/or in response to perceived pressures from the moral marketplace. This article explicates the drivers behind the increased interest in CSI, relates CSI to changes in the environment of social expectations for business, reviews potential challenges to CSI programs, and suggests critical factors in the design of successful CSI programs. More.

       7. Opportunities from Business and others for all

      7.1 2008 Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award
      Nomination Deadline: 1 April 2008

      The purpose of the annual Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award is to honour those who, at great risk, stand up to oppression in their efforts to support human rights. The Award is intended to honour only individuals who are engaged in non-violent activity. The Robert F. Kennedy Memorial has recognised the courage and sacrifice of 37 community activists, political prisoners, environmentalists, union organisers and human rights defenders in 21 countries. The Award, which includes a significant cash prize, seeks to draw international attention to the work of brave individuals who make great personal sacrifices, often risking their own lives, to promote respect for the human rights of all people. The Kennedy Human Rights Award seeks to identify and honour those people who embody Robert Kennedy's belief in the power of individual effort to overcome injustice. More.

      7.2 Equator Prize 2008
      Application Deadline: 31 May 2008

      The Equator Initiative is a partnership that brings together the United Nations, civil society, business, governments and communities to help build the capacity and raise the profile of grassroots efforts to reduce poverty through the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. Prize winners receive worldwide recognition for their work as well as an opportunity to help shape national and global policy and practice in the field. Twenty-five community organizations will be honored with the Equator Prize 2008 and USp,000 each. Special recognition will be given to regions in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and Latin America and the Caribbean . The Equator Prize will be presented in October 2008, in Barcelona , Spain , at the IUCN World Conservation Congress. More.

       6. Events

      22-25 May, Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia
      The 8th International Workshop on Resource Mobilization (IWRM)

      If you want to gain the key skills needed to build your fundraising capacity then don't miss the 8th IWRM. With only one month to register at early bird rates, book now to claim your ?25 discount. The IWRM provides an excellent opportunity to gain practical training in the latest fundraising techniques by some of the world's best fundraising experts including Tony Elischer, Sean Triner, Michael Norton, Bernard Ross and Mal Warwick. For more information, click here www.ngobiz.org

      29-30 September 2008, Brighton , Great Britain
      "The 1st World Social Marketing Conference"

      The National Social Marketing Centre, in partnership with the University of Lethbridge and the Chinese University of Hong Kong , are pleased to launch the World Social Marketing Conference's call for papers. The Conference which takes place on 29-30 September 2008 in Brighton will be the first ever world event where delegates, exhibitors and speakers from around the world will meet to discuss the application of social marketing. For more information on submitting abstracts and papers for the three World Conference themes, Academic, Practice, Policy and Theory, please visit www.ngobiz.org

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