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6906-10-2006 pics and thoughts from jason

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  • jason
    Jun 22, 2006
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      I've got the pics from the TCW show that was held on 06-10-2006
      finished and posted. Be sure to check out the main pic on the web
      site. I couldn't help myself and show this one to everybody. It is
      TCW's very own Chicken Champion holding his tag belt.

      While you are looking at the pics pay close attention to the
      ones of Brett Storm and Exotica. I belive that Brett might be
      trying to cause a problem with Exotica's and Stallion's
      relationship. I feel that Brett is trying to be the next "Broke
      Back", but I'll let you be the judge of that. Can TCW have
      2 "Broke Backs"? Of course with "Broke Back Brett" he is the more
      tender and younger of the two, so he might just put "Broke Back
      Stallion" out ton pasture.

      I've also started a couple of new polls. Be sure to vote

      The Guy Behind The Camera


      Here is a link to the TCW Action Shots web page. If for some reason
      the link doesn't work you can look up the site in the yahoo groups.