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answers to the very general one....

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  • Nishant_Labh
    Hi Guys, I m back with answers (with ##). Thanx all for the lovely response. bye for now, Nishant 1. We all know that the first Indian talkie was Alam Ara. It
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      Hi Guys,

      I'm back with answers (with ##). Thanx all for the lovely response.

      bye for now,

      1. We all know that the first Indian talkie was Alam Ara. It was produced by
      the Imperial film company and was released on March 14, 1931. Name the
      director of this movie.

      ## Ardershir Irani, though I've given points for Moti Gidwani also, who had
      a part in the direction.

      2. Which Guru Dutt production was his only film to be entered in an
      International film festival and was also nominated for an Oscar ?

      ## Saheb, Bibi aur Ghulam

      3. What unique distinction do the nominations for the following films hold -
      Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Sleuth and Give them Hell, Harry ?

      ## In each case, the entire cast was nominated for awards.

      4. If Pele, Lineker and Maradona all wore the No. 10 on their jerseys, which
      number did Dutch superstar Johann Cruyff wear on his shirt ?

      ## No. 14

      5. In which sport did Leander Pace's father Vace Paes represent India ?

      ## Hockey

      6. How many test centuries did Don Bradman score in his career ?

      ## 29

      7. With the words 'Miyan, Captain banoge?', which chairman of selectors
      offered Azharuddin the captaincy of the Indian team in 1989 ?

      ## Raj Singh Dungarpur

      8. What was the name of the hospital in Hyderabad, where Ronald Ross
      identified the carrier of malaria on 20 August 1879 ?

      ## Begumpet. One Hyderabadi answered the quiz only b'cos of this question.

      9. Which was the last Tintin adventure that Herge left unfinished at the
      time of his death ?

      ## Tintin and the Alpla Art.

      10. The Hound of the Baskervilles was a cross between bloodhound and which
      other dog ?

      ## Mastiff

      Now the scores. There were no ducks in this match !!!!!!


      1. Rajneesh De
      2. Avijit Chaudhuri


      1. Narayan Iyer
      2. Vikrant A Patankar


      1. Anirudya Shankar Ray
      2. G J
      3. Krishnamurthy
      4. Lalit
      5. Perumselva Pandyan
      6. Rajesh Kumar Agrawal


      1. Anoop Bhat
      2. Aseem Mudbidri
      3. Balachandran Ramachandran
      4. Balakrishnan
      5. Banana Sing
      6. Hampihallikar Pashant P H
      7. Krishna Kumar
      8. Prasad Shetty
      9. Ravish Singh
      10. Ruchir Agarwal
      11. Samrat Sengupta
      12. Sriyansa Dash
      13. Talukdar Sumita
      14. Vaibhav Bajpai
      15. Vrinda Anurakshat


      1. Bhaskar Ramakrishnan
      2. C Srinivas
      3. Dilip Avadhani
      4. Jefferey Alapatt
      5. Manish Mahajan
      6. Satyaki Choudhary
      7. Nirmalkumar Dhanasekaran
      8. Prasad Acharya
      9. Rajarshi Gupta
      10. Rohit Palan
      11. Sajal Dogra
      12. Satish Kumar
      13. Vibhendu Tewari
      14. Vijay Shanbhag


      1. Abhinav Goyal
      2. Abhishek Choudhari
      3. Ajit Chandorkar
      4. Amitabh Tapadar
      5. Dilip Hariharan
      6. Jawahar Haldipur
      7. Reddy Pratap
      8. Rohit Priyadarshi
      9. Uttam Padukone
      10. Vivek Kumar
      11. VPMO


      1. Yogesh Mali
      2. Amit Pandey
      3. Amit Ranade
      4. Arun Prashant
      5. Avinash Waghray
      6. Kumar Prakash
      7. Piyush Raithatha
      8. R Neetu
      9. Suresh Nanduru

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